Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who do you think you are?

In life, we always come to a situation when we need to make a firm decision. A decision where we need to weigh everything in order not to hurt people who might get affected by it. Handling twenty (20) techie office personnel, 85% percent of them are male, a huge responsibility on my part as a leader. A crucial task that transforms a shy and weak woman to become a dominant personality.

There are instances that put me in a situation wherein i need to be tough in my command and approach. No one should be given special favors as doing so will lead to a much deeper office problem. I adopt the "male dominant" style when it comes to dealing with them in order to assert my authority in the situation. But it’s just to assert. 

To complicate things more, i am now in the midst of  making a crucial decision to fire two of my office staff. It’s not an easy decision for me but as i weigh things, it’s the best way to help them develop correct attitude  towards work. Sometimes they need to savor the bittersweet taste of their own work performance. I have no choice but to be tough as i get my strength of character from that kind of self-portrayal.

I think i am starting to develop an unhealthy self-image. But when no one is around and i am all by myself, I'm just a simple woman who has a passion for baking and cooking. Sounds ironic for those who don't know me personally, but this is just the real me.


Mrs. Kolca said...

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no name said...

nice share you have here....all about human are never end....let me think bout my self...who am i????
nice post...have nice day, wish we are best

My-Alter-Ego said...

hi sis.. i can relate to this.. and now i am at the point of thinking whether i still want to remain in the situation..

i hope u can visit my other blogs too -

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