Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skin Care Tips

Being in the mid-30’s has prepared me to start thinking of many ways on how I can prevent my skin from ageing. Lucky enough that I am just a powder-lipstick type of girl and not into wearing heavy make-ups. Allow me to share with you my golden rules.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Young Millionaires Mind

Teaching a kid to save money for his future is a big challenge on my part because of  the fact that I have no kids yet, but i have four loving nephews and one more to come. In their young minds together with their parents, we infuse in them the value of saving at an early age.

When I was a kid, I really enjoyed saving and the act of doing it. The sound brought about by a penny dropping into an empty canister of milk makes me feel anxious. Can't avoid the feeling that someday I'm gonna be a millionaire with those coins, hahaha! And to exaggerate the story about it, I always carry with me my coin canister even at school, until it was stolen by a girl classmate and later found broken at the girls’ comfort room. I knew who the culprit was, but i kept silent for fear that my mother will get mad at me. 

She keeps reminding me not to bring it to school because of the possibility that it might get lost. What a stubborn and poor girl i was that time. 

After so many years, that girl, now a mother of three kids became my "-----------". She doesn't even know until now  that i knew she was the culprit. That incident will be left unearthed until my last breath.

Nevertheless, those are pieces of my childhood experiences. I hope she might be able to teach her kids the value of saving money on their own and not to steal somebody's hard-earned money.

That's why I am proud of my sisters that they were able to teach their sons the value of saving and now through electronic means. My nephews knew they have savings in their respective ATM's. Hope they will be able to save until they know the real value of their savings when time comes they have to spend it according to it's purpose. I'll cross my fingers till then.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Acrophobic Post Christmas Experience

It took a month before i got the chance to visit and update my blog content and write down an article regarding the past holiday season. After an enormous task done by my team during the month-long celebration of Paskong Balangueno '09, we had a two-day (2) relaxation at Subic, Zambales to coincide with our Team Building activity. My team deserves a break and so do I. We stayed at Subic Homes for a one night, enjoyed the sumptuous meal offered by Meat plus Cafe for our dinner and enjoyed the party until the late hours with sizzling parlor games and raffles.

On the second day of our trip, we went to Subic TREE TOP Adventure! We had our team- building activity there as it is popularly known as “Team Building Park”. I have a fear of heights or acrophobia, but in that situation I needed to overcome my fear so as not to spoil my team's aim of building the spirit of teamwork. I am their leader so it is expected of  me to lead the group and be the first one to try the feeling of being dragged along the heavily-forested jungle area of Subic, soaring at the height of 100 feet above the jungle floor on a cable suspension system, but of course with the safety harness wrapped around my waist. 

So hold me God!

The first step in overcoming fear of heights is learning to control the physical symptoms. When faced with a threatening situation, taking slow, deep breaths can help slow the heart rate and increase oxygen flow to muscles to keep from tensing up. If possible, a few minutes of meditation may be effective in relieving the tension. Relaxing music, aromatherapy, or even some stretching or light massage can help relieve the physical symptoms of acrophobia.

We prepared a long table at Cocolime Restaurant for a heavy lunch. However, because of too much excitement about and anticipation of our tree top experience, I almost ended up with an empty plate of adobong manok w/ egg. MIS pleasurable trip ended at ROYAL Subic Duty Free buying for some pasalubong for our loved ones. What a great post-Christmas celebration indeed. I'm so happy and hoping to have the same bonding experience with my team this 2010. To our generous Santa Claus, your elves would like to give you a yell! Hooo..Hooo..Hooo-ray!