Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stress and Burn-out.

 Have you experienced the feeling of being burnt-out and sometimes uncertainty? Did you know what you really want in life? How about your purpose in life? I sometimes feel and ask myself the same questions. Is this an indication of a Quarter Life crisis? Oh my, maybe I have been just too preoccupied about so many things in life. Pressure is the right word. I’ve grown tired of so many things. Maybe I need a break. My tolerance is getting shorter nowadays. In my career now, I could say I’m quite lucky and successful compared to others. However, success to me is having a career that you built all on your own by always your own person.  As of my present work experience, I constantly remind myself not to let anyone dictate who you are and who you will be. And be always financially prepared though I’m a bit late on this. It is only now that I realize it’s too tough to find someone who is interesting enough to come up to my level of thinking and to be financially prepared at the same time. Someone whose character I can be proud of and who looks wise. I don’t know if all of you will agree with me on this, but as I’ve always said what is more important at the end of the day is that we find our way to our true happiness in life. I just take time to make myself productive.

Here are some tips on how to release stress that causes burn-out:

1.    Avoid sleeping late at night. In my experience, when I lack of sleep, my routine for the day becomes totally disoriented.  Better avoid the use of any tech gadgets, laptop or mobile phones before going to bed.

2.    Body work-out with your kids, nephews or nieces. This is tested. When I feel so exhausted and I want to regain my lost energy for the day, I will call the attention of my three nephews ages 5-11 years old for a body wrestling session. It’s a great bonding moment as well with the kids.

3.    Take a warm bath. This is a big relief especially in releasing toxins that your body has accumulated for the day. Use a mentholated type of body scrub or wash for a more relaxing scent.

4.    Body Massage. Choose the best type of massage that suits your body.

5.    Always think happy thoughts. Keep smiling.