Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Money and it's true color.

As we all seek to have a better life and give our loved ones a comfortable life, we continue to struggle to find ways and different strategies to attain the best and most comfortable way of living. There are people in this world that will commit felony in order to survive just to keep the luxury of life that they think imperative for them. I pity those people who present themselves as influential because they think that looking and pretending to be rich can earn them prestige and power. Remember that money can’t define human value and self worth. However, money in itself is not evil; the manner people use it and abuse its value makes it evil. The love of money is the root of all evil. As Oprah Winfrey says “having a lot of money does not automatically make you a successful person. What you want is money and meaning. You want your work to be meaningful. Because meaning is what brings real richness to your life. What you really want is to be surrounded by people you trust and treasure and by people who cherish you. That’s when you’re really rich. ” Money can make you, or worst break you. Lesson learned: beware of people pretending to be sweet and innocent but are actually thieves in disguise.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gardening – A recreational way of enriching human soul

Just last week I was in Bae, Laguna for a pleasure trip. There was this cozy place known as Bae Palm Resort- a seven-hectare farm lot which was fully developed and well landscaped like a garden in heaven. As I interviewed the caretaker, I discovered that almost 1,500 palm trees were planted on the resort. Only hundreds have survived since they started operation as a commercial resort way back in 1994.  I really love the place as it really gives leisure to its visitors especially the lush scenery. It gives tranquility to your soul and emotions. The place is best for religious activities such as retreats, company outings like team buildings and the like. Nature lovers will surely fall in love with the place as I did.

We went outside the resort to buy some food. I was just kind of annoyed with their Public Market.  It looked like a barrio tic (?). The main road is so narrow that only two vehicles could be accommodated at a time. It looked as if the place had not yet been touched by modernization. It seems that they want to preserve the green scenery. I observed that almost all houses along the main road had plants in their backyard.  It only means one thing, the Laguna residents are into nature preservation.

The place really captivated my heart as I was able to bring home with me pots of ornamental plants and flowers. I love gardening so transferring all those plants to their new home is as exciting as opening a new box of perfume. Hope to be back in Laguna for plants hoarding!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starving and Deprivation

I really can’t imagine how hard life is now. Just this morning I had three visitors again. Two were relatives and one a neighborhood friend.  But its different now, they were asking for financial assistance. They asked help for their family’s medical needs and food for the day. I can’t help but reminisce the time when my grandmother told me that the month of June to September are months when there is no fish to catch in the sea. Fishermen in our village have no other source of income as fishing is the main source of livelihood.  People from our village almost have nothing to feed their family, no other source to augment their daily needs. There is no alternative livelihood program that exists in our village to alleviate this heartbreaking situation. It only means one thing:  No fish, no food. No food means no schooling for the youth. Another page of my life will unfold again next month and these scenarios continue to occur in the village where I grew up. I keep asking myself when the scarcity will be end, and yet it remains a big question. It will go on, unless the mindset of my neighborhood changes and they see education as just as important as food. Only right education can beat poverty, aside of course from our sacred source, our Almighty God. Whoever in the world may read this message, I plead for your help. If you could, please give suggestions on what kind or type of livelihood program would be appropriate for our village. It depends merely on fishing and fish processing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is really depressing nowadays. Just this morning, I had two visitors. One of them was a relative and the other one was a graduate of computer technician. They both had the same agenda. Both are seeking for job opportunities in my office. Just this month my brother decided to go back to government service as he failed to run smoothly the business he opened months ago. This is due to too much trust he gave to his employees. He is now preparing all the documents and readying himself to pass through the tedious process of re-entering the world of the Philippine National Police ---- the world where badges and valor are no longer significant, the world where a full-stomach remains to be more important. This June, I need to submit to the Human Resource Management Office my staff’s recommendation for the renewal of their job order appointment. And I am very disappointed to have a few of them who haven’t appreciated the job they have. Once again I am in the midst of deciding whether to renew their contract of service or not. Actually only 3 out of 17 personnel have this negative work attitude. I want to pull them out of my team that by they may realize how hard it is to start from scratch. What prevents me from doing so is the fact that I don’t want this to become an additional burden to them, more so to their family as they are family men already. I know they have mouths to feed. But sometimes I just want to punch them in the face so that they will be awakened and realize how lucky they are to have a job and how everyone should be responsible in this world of public service.

Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 National Independence Day

The City Department Heads and Administrator with our City Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III during 2011 National Independence Day.

The celebration of National Independence Day was coined to the word FREEDOM. This is the sweetest end-product of our sovereignty that we attained through the honor of our national heroes. The 113th Independence Day celebration is equivalent to the count of blood and tears that dropped from our heroes’ lifeless bodies to fight for our freedom. Today, we are literally free and somehow independent, but not from our skepticism. I, myself, am a prisoner of the thought that PHL economy cannot make it on top like Singapore or Japan unless we choose to free ourselves from the common illness of this society. Poverty, corrupt bureaucracy, oppression, huge numbers of unemployed OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) and graduates, and poor political system wherein the common practice of leaders of this nation is to blatantly attack their political enemies on national television so that they will stand out! Common guys, walk your talk!  Is that you Mr. P------t? Our present economy is like a turtle walking exhaustedly. I sometimes discourage myself from hearing or watching current news on television as it really depresses me to see people from all walks of life suffer from various situational problems. I know most of you will tell me that it is too easy for me to say this.  You would say that our leaders also have too many things to consider. Ok, it is a given fact, but what is their priority? Put all the thieves in jail?! Then what’s next?! They almost forget the fact that we have other issues to attend to also. We have mouths to feed, children to educate, illness to treat, etc… If our heroes had foreseen these current scenarios in our country, I am 100% sure that they would not have thought of offering their lives if this would just be the kind of life they could give to their kin. Then I ask myself, what is my contribution then? As Abraham Lincoln said, “I hope to stand firm enough to not go backward, and yet not go forward fast enough to wreck the country's cause”. I need to work double time. What about you?