Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I could say that the previous year was full of hardship and mediocrity. It taught me how to value life more and trained me to appreciate things regardless of how they affect my way of life. It told me that in my life’s journey, more humps along the road means more chances to slow down. I believe those are the best times to view my horizon before proceeding to a new leg of my journey. As I move on to a more challenging path in my career, reality sinks in. When you embrace the virtue of public service, there is no turning back. I must start to learn and practice new things in order for me to cope with the real scenario of managerial leadership. In proving one’s self to be a leader, one must learn how to be prudent for him to reach his goal. Work trends nowadays are like a competition --- no one wants to lose. Commitment and dedication is the key.

For the past year, my life had been routinary. I don’t know if it is fate or it is just the result of being too distant. I think it’s the latter. To the people who thought I do harm and not good, my sincerest apology. I am just living by my principles. For now, I just want to keep my ideals. I may not be a doer in many ways, but at least I try my best to do things right.  I just want to welcome the year with positive thoughts in mind.

God has all the mercy.