Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bridging Leadership

“It Is Your Job To Make Your Team Great. Not The Other Way Around”. By Chris Locurto

On March 1 and 2 I took a leadership training focused on urban poor situation and housing programs with my colleagues in and future leaders of Balanga City. The city government constantly provides trainings and seminars focused on the over-all development of its managers to “sharpen the saw” and improve our strategic management style to lead people and come up with a win-win solution in addressing the pressing needs of the community as the end result. 

The training was facilitated by renowned leadership consultant Prof. Jonas George Soriano of Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). I learned speakership style from this guy. I never thought that at the end of the two-day   training, we   would   come   up   with   a   building-block strategy indicating   our   commitment   in   providing   a low   cost   housing   project   for families living along the coastal areas of the community. 

Soriano identified ‘bridging leadership’ as an effective approach in dealing with the   challenges   of   poverty   and   housing.   This   kind   of   leadership highlights dialogue and collaboration as keys in problem solving. While updating this blog, I’m just wondering how I was able to develop a work relationship with them while still keeping my feet on the ground and dealing   with   the different   styles   of   these   leaders   commonly found   in   any work place, either in private or public institution. 

Whatever the experience I gained in working with them, I am sure that I have learned a lot from them as the years go by. And I quote; “The level of compassion of your subordinates to serve the less-privileged defines the value of your worth as a leader to them”. For that, I am thankful to my mentors and selected colleagues who, in one way or another, have supported me and have continuously guided me to reach my full potential. I just hope we’re all riding on the same boat in making a difference to people’s lives. 

May the good Lord lead this new batch of leaders according to their real purpose and intention of serving the people.  

My profound gratitude to one of the greatest mentor I worked with, for all the untiring support and understanding. And for literally being always on my back in my nine (9) years of endeavour in the government service as MIS Head under his leadership. I am what I am now because He lead me by example. It's an honour to become part of your legacy. Thank you for believing in my capacity to serve and for allowing me to grow. 

Photo Ops with our incoming City Mayor Francis Garcia, Sangguniang Panglunsod Members (City Councilors) and selected Department Heads showing our workshop output. 

And my wacky moments with the working leaders of our City.