Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Sinner

Today is Holy Wednesday. It is declared half-day of work in the government units here in our province. This is to give way to employees who want to join the traditional procession of holy images, which depict the story of Jesus Christ, his pain and sufferings for the salvation of humanity. This is my new way of demonstrating my penitence. 

Ever since I was a kid, I have seen common practices that demonstrate Filipinos’ Catholic  faith, more so during Lenten season. The reading of the Passion of Christ (Pasyon or Pabasa- a verse narrative about the life and sufferings of Jesus Christ), the procession of cross and images known as “pagdukot” or abduction of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Visita Iglesia (Visitation of different churches) on Maundy Thursday, the reading of the seven (7) last words of Jesus, and the procession of images of the dead body of Christ (“libing”) or the interment on Good Friday. All these belong to the Triduum-  meaning three days of  Lenten practices that are done before Easter Sunday or the Resurrection. All these have been handed down to us by our parents. So many common practices that help strengthen our faith in God. All these fall into one common purpose -------- repentance for the forgiveness of our sins and cleansing of our soul.

I think this is the best time for me to park my pen and blink my eye for a hectic journal of my working routine. Need time to contemplate and do some serious reflection. However, my journey to the road of righteousness for soul cleansing and salvation is way too complicated. Too many distractions; too many obstacles that really test my faith in God. Despite them all, I hope I was still able to get the ride on time. Don't give up on me, oh Lord.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Young Leaders..My Mentors..

On my right is our City Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III and 2nd District Representative- Cong. Albert S. Garcia my two supportive mentors
Balanga City Department heads and Administrator with our Congressman Albert S. Garcia

All smile with our Kimona Gown  by Patis Tesoro

I have been in government service for almost 13years (as of this writing). A year full of hardship, joy and mediocrity in different angles of public service. Working in a government agency entails a lot of sacrifice. Maybe these outlooks are more applicable for those servants who see public service as a public trust. 

However, working with leaders whose vision is to uplift the welfare of their constituents and the nation as a whole is a great experience and because of this I believe the road to the path of success in nation building has gotten a little less complicated. I am lucky indeed that I am able to work with leaders whose main objective is to address the common ills of this country, using a heart, brilliant minds with aggressiveness and modern way of rendering public service. They are like computer bugs or viruses, which inflict positive effect to the social system. 

I might be a greenhorn today, but with the passage of time and with the guidance and support of these leaders around me, I know I will be able to contribute something that my motherland will be proud of. It is not important who will lead you to the right path. What matters most is how you want to be led. Always bear in mind that honors are to be earned, not bought. My greatest consolation is I want to retire with my hands clean and free of stain, but definitely not empty-handed. Just enough to continue living the beauty of this so-called life.