Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life Is A Gift

“Take Time To Do What Makes Your Soul Happy”.

As I step on to another year of life, I realize that time really flies so fast that without you knowing it, another patch of growing gray locks is covering your scalp. I’m a self-confessed blogger, and online journaling serves as my distress board and relief for my jumbled, unspoken thoughts and gnawing worries. I'm starting the habit of expressing myself in the blank page and believing that at the end of my writings is a positive end-result. The feeling of self-fulfillment as I express and understand myself more deeply is motivating. 

As the Lord rewards me with another year of life, I’m now developing the sensibility to find ways on how to maximize my time and improve myself. God is too generous to put this gift to waste. And I’m really grateful to Him. For the past year, I was able to face my fear of independence. Though the process is quite hard, yet it’s rewarding. I'm just thankful to my family and BFFs who supported and guided me in trying times. I just want to share the greatest lesson I learned from it- that nothing is complicated and impossible if you surrender everything to HIM. In one of my coffee-talks with my father, talking about life in general, he reminded me about a certain line in the bible that says “No One Should Live Only For Oneself”. I am just so thankful that he gave me his blessings to flap my wings and fly on my own. He knows by heart the sincerity of my intention more than anything else. And I love and respect him more for that.

When the skies are grey, and I’m tired of everything, I spend time with myself. Music and inspirational books are enough companion, at least for that moment of reflection. For me, moments of solitude are very important. Because I believe happy and peaceful hearts are way, way better than angry hearts. Throw happiness instead of anger. 

I should train my mind to see the good in every situation. Most specially in dealing with every persons' individuality. That is why, I always bear in mind, that our standing in society is defined by how we treat people around us. We're all living in an imperfect world without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist. What is important is, as a normal individual you know how to acknowledge your own flaws. Acknowledging your own weakness doesn’t make you less a person. It’s just a matter of uniting yourself to others and being flexible in situations to achieve peace and harmony. 

This is my way to understand the essence of my toil and its innate, undesirable effects on my sanity- as if I’m always standing between two colliding rocks. I learned that at the end of the day, all things should pass. Just do your best and stand for your principle. As long as you know where you stand, just don’t cross the border line.I think you're on the right track. And one more thing is that as an ordinary government employee, it is best to reap the value of your hard work by serving the underserved far from the limelight. It is best to master the art of sharing compassion and believing that, "You can't change how people feel about you, so don't try. Just master your craft and be happy". I just keep reminding myself not to miss any chance to be with somebody great, or with someone who can tolerate my insanity once the situation leads me, too. Live in the present and make it beautiful, Aja!

Photos below was taken during the City’s Stakeholders’ Night at Plaza Hotel in June 27, 2016. An evening of thanksgiving for the city government's community counterparts. The event was attended by private organizations that actively worked for the success of the city's strategic reforms lead by our former City Mayor now 2nd District-Congressman Joet S. Garcia.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Padre Pio Shrine: Batangas City