Thursday, May 27, 2010

Journey to a Vegetarian Life

I am now starting to get conscious of my health as I often experience prolonged constipation. Probably due to imbalance in food nutrition, lack of water intake and exercise. I started to track down my daily food intake and learn that I have become excessively used to eating processed food with poor fiber content. So I decided to balance my daily food intake by calculating the dietary food allowance of every single meal I prepare. 

My problem lies in where to buy fresh vegetable that is not usually found in the local market and not commonly prepared at home during meal time. The typical Pinoy vegetable viands our parents usually prepare in our kitchens are pinakbet and chopsuey. Our vegetable supplies here come all the way from Baguio and Pangasinan. Despite Bataan being rich in agricultural products, still we have a limited variety of vegetables to choose from. Add to this the fact that the cost of preparing this type of meal is much higher compared to the usual food that we always prepare at table. But as the golden rules says, “Health is wealth.”


Mrs. Kolca said...

Wow, did you prepare all of those yourself? Looks yummy esp. the potato salad. Should I start a vegetarian life also? Hmmm.. very challenging. Hihi.

J said...

How long have you been doing that? :)

*josie* said...

good luck to your new adventure, becoming a vegetarian.

EMA said...

I am trying to eat vegetables more too! :D though i have the luxury of my sister buying fresh, washed vegetables that are in packages... :D but am not going vegetarian though hehee

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