Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 Automated Election is a thing of the past...

WHILE the public’s attention was drawn to the activities that culminated in the May 10 elections, everything around the corner went on as usual. Back to work, another term with new hopes, vast ideas for the country for the next three years. While our city's programs are still anchored to its World-Class University Town vision for the year 2020.

Our incumbent City Mayor laid down his plans for the City in the next three years. One of these plans is the setting-up of Book Corners in each of the business establishments in the City that will serve as a mini-library for students.

At present, there are some big business establishments that have already signified their commitment to support this worthwhile project. The City Mayor also presented the idea of establishing partnership with a private company to conduct a case study relative to the implementation of the University Town Project of the City Government and the creation of a new City Department that will handle University Town-related concerns. He also presented to the same meeting the plan of the current administration to reorganize the City Government’s manpower structure so as to realign and fit it to the needed workforce for the City’s University Town project requirement.

Further, the City Mayor underscored the importance of expanding the City’s social services. On the infrastructure side, he announced that, the City Government plans to build a student Residence or Dormitory, a City Library and a Convention Center in a 3-hectare lot at the Bataan Transport Mall (BTM). He went on to emphasize that the proposed location is considered strategic, especially for the students, since it is nearly located at the heart of the City.

At the Barangay level, aside from the much anticipated resumption of the Barangy Week Program, Mayor Joet also wants to establish a Barangay-based Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for proper waste segregation. Tourism-related activities will also be highlighted and given more priority as they it greatly impact on the economy of the City. 

In his closing statement, the City Mayor stressed that in order to deliver the best public service, service-oriented seminars and refresher courses should be continued in order to raise the standard of delivery of public service to the constituents.


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