Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reveal your secrets as you count your Life's Blessings

I started to reflect and count all my blessings. As I appreciate my life’s blessings I randomly break them down, like:

1.    I was born without any physical abnormalities, imperfections maybe. However, I count those as blessings indeed. 

2.    I had a normal childhood and played as if there was no tomorrow.

3.    I may not be physically fit and need to have regular visits to my doctors for a long year. This was just a normal phase of my childhood, but it's ok; Anyway, I was able to pass through it.

4.    During elementary days I belonged to the cream of the crop and was always chosen to be leader.

5.    Despite financial hurdles I was able to finished my high-school in a private school. I owe this to my parents.

6.    I dreamed to become an architect. However, our financial capability led me to a teaching degree.

7.    In college, I was just an average student. But I was able to get an academic award in the last year of my study, making my parents proud.

8.    I was able to pass the board exam or the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) w/ the intervention of the Holy Rosary.

9.    I strove to work hard and save every single penny for the education of my youngest sister who is now a full-fledged dentist. Proud to say that she placed 10th in the Dental Board Exam. This is a huge blessing, isn't it? 

10.    At this stage of my life, I have experienced being in love, my first wacky heart break.

11.    I didn’t practise my profession, yet I was able to finish my Masters Degree in Education. A big chunk of my savings went here but i believe education is priceless.

12.    I was given the chance to work in the field of teaching and related blessings continue.

13.    Another phase in my life began when I entered the world of Local Government service.

14.    I got the chance to meet a lot of people from all walks of life and my set of BFF’s.

15.    I learned how to value what I have and share it. Most of all I learned the virtue of patience.

16.    In 1998 from clerical position (coming from a Teacher 1 position), I got promoted to Information Officer II in 2002.

17.    2002 also was my first international trip to Germany with my beloved mother.Thanks to my family abroad.

18.    Ruined relationship, but I learned to stand and rebuild myself. Life must go on. Lucky enough that I have my family and supportive friends with me that time.

19.    2003 my second international trip. Lucky to visit Vatican  City in Italy --- the place where i found the answer to my question.

20.    I got the courage to rebuild a new house for my family despite my meager income. This I consider a great blessing and personal achievement.

21.    Despite the sudden change of leadership and administration in 2004, I was able to keep my work position.

22.    Love & relationships, however, I still haven’t succeeded.  Pain makes me stronger.

23.    I’ve found a new circle of friends and made a lasting friendship. 

24.    Without any career advancement & expectations, I was designated as OIC of my department year 2007.

25.    Challenges on leadership come my way, but having a very supportive team made everything easy.

26.    I was able to bring out the best of my department and help support our Local Government’s programs and projects as one of the lead implementers.

27.    In 2008 I had my personal trip to Hongkong and Macau.

28.    In 2009, business trip with my co-managers to Hongkong, Macau and China. These aside from my local trips.

29.    I have a very wonderful family, and despite some issues still we we’re able to achieve a harmonious one.
30.   Cute and loving nephews and nieces who remove my daily stresses.

31.   A very supportive LCE and co-worker despite being snobbish to some of them.

32.   I learned to master little by little the art of contentment in life and appreciate more things in general.

33.   I have a healthy body and a sound  mind.

34.  Most of all I have loving parents who are always beside me no matter what.

35.  God brought me to where I am now with lots of blessings in life!

It is important to feel thankful for all these wonderful blessings that come our way, whether they seemed good or bad. It helps us see the great things we have, and puts our frustrations and worries in proper perspective. It keeps us focused on the great and wonderful things in our lives. To those people who touch and continue to do wonders in my life, I am very thankful to all of you. We may all continue to receive God’s blessings and mercy. Live life to the fullest. Let's start to count!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My very own Blackberry Bold 9700 series

My very own Blackberry Unit and the inclusive gadgets.

 As we aim to be aligned to our vision of becoming a World-Class City, our present Chief-Executive subscribed us to Globe Exclusive Corporate Handset Plan of Blackberry 9700 Bold series with a monthly bill of P1,500. This unit has cash-out of P5,000 and paid for also by the local government. Blackberry Devices can only be subscribed to Business Executive BIS and BES Combo Plans. I got this gadget without releasing  a single centavo. 

The blackberry is designed with the corporate people in mind. Its use would mainly revolve around its powerful push email technology. As of my work lifestyle now it is relatively applicable and useful. It’s also cheaper than sms for globe, its P0.15 per kb (roughly about 1,000 characters). Globe charges about Php0.075 (that's 7.5 centavos) per kb of data (in or out) used via gprs/edge.  If you have relatives or friends abroad who have the same unit, instead of sending sms, use the pin message or BB messenger. Another option is to install yahoo messenger. Same rates apply.

We currently use the Blackberry Internet Server (BIS) to give us certain limits since the City Government will be the one to pay our monthly bill of P1,500. Our BB model has wifi and will readily connect us via wifi if signal is present. By the way, at work we have free wifi access.

So I am very thankful for this wonderful material blessing brought about by my work. Now I’m in love with my blackberry! It keeps me connected. I can work from home, all emails sent to me were responded to accordingly with speed and precision, no hassle since I am online 24/7, so useful! Thank you so much, Santa Claus!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Typhoon Basyang hit Central Luzon

And this is my documentation of our crops after they were hit by typhoon Basyang
                           (Me and my beloved mother worked hard for this plant)

 It is disappointing that our government is always caught unprepared disasters come. More so, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) officials responsible for this are quite slow in giving up-to-date forecasts as well as disseminating information. But we should not point all our fingers at them as their services are also affected by insufficiency of modern equipment and instrument.  I don’t even want to recall the horrible aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy were a vast loss of lives and causalities were recorded.

Just like today,  the typhoon increased in strength and changed direction. That’s why people in Central Luzon were not aware or did not expect that tropical storm “Basyang” with (international codename: Conson) would bring heavy rains and strong winds, lifting the storm signal from number 1 to 3. In areas most affected like ours, I experienced a sleepless night during its occurrence. Also, take into account the power interruption. May this incident be an eye-opener to the national government to do what should be done.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sometimes life is so unfair. Why? This is because people who have lived with integrity and principle are those who fall victim most of the time to life’s turmoil.  Our society has a poor judicial system. Justice can be ruled by anybody’s weak mind and implemented by anybody’s grimy hand.  This is the end-product of our society’s unresponsive treatment of people and situations. More so, by those people who have no heart but who can end someone’s life in a split second.

The underlying reasons are greed and survival. If we really want to live a life full of hope and humaneness, we need to adopt ourselves to the demands of society’s need in order to meet life’s every expectation. We need leaders who have heart to guide  people on how to see God our Father as the center of everything. No one can have a life full of glory and mercy if not for Him. I myself have no right to question anybody’s sin as I am a born sinner, too. We live in an unconditional society, full of so many unexpected things happening. Our weapon is to keep a strong faith in God that nothing in life exists and happens without a reason. We are all survivors from the cruel world of this so-called life.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Online Contest Giveaways

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Monday, July 5, 2010

National Literacy Award

We are lucky indeed that our City Government was one of five finalists for the search on National Literacy Award (NLA) conferred by the Literacy Coordinating Council. This program is in coordination with the Department of Education through its Literacy Coordinating Council (LCC). The NLA, held every two years, is a major activity of LCC to recognize individuals, institutions, and local government units with outstanding literacy programs in their communities.

It is also in line with the United Nations’ Literacy Decade’s goal of reducing adult illiteracy rate by 50 percent by 2015. The NLA aims to make literacy universal in the country by creating public awareness and encouraging the development and replication of innovative, creative, and indigenous literacy programs in the community.

As of this writing, we still have no idea on our ranking as we just recently presented to the validating team our current programs and projects about Literacy-related endeavors.The following documentation is related to our ICT programs and projects led by my department, the MISO (Management Information Services Office).

This is another great things that happened to my career three days ago. A nerve breaking task that adds up a bit of adrenaline to present in front of my fellow managers and Chief-Executive. A fruitful sign of professional fulfillment with a sense of accomplishment.