Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barangay Election 2010

When people from our community ask who I'm going to vote for this coming barangay election, I respond with a cold shrug of my shoulder. Why? In today’s present political system, voters are now wise as they say. It is not important what those aspiring candidates can offer to them. Voters are merely looking for potential benefits that they can get to them in exchange for political favors. Barangay is, like it or not, the smallest political unit in the country.

If we really want to change our poor governance system into a dynamic one, it should start from the grassroots. The rebuilding must start at the foundation, the barangay. Society, indeed, has to be reformed one individual at a time. We need to be flexible and sensitive to the real needs of our people especially those citizens who have no voice to speak for themselves. People need to work together to achieve progress for the community. Leaders cannot do nothing if we (people) will not give our part for the common good of our community. Lets all get involved in the governance of our local community. Aspiring leaders, do your unselfish part for the welfare of your community. Your leadership must be governed by the virtue of your conscience. We should be influence by our clean motives to serve and not to take this as opportunity to fight back against our opponents.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Journey to Financial Freedom

My recent book purchase on financial knowledge titled "Think Rich Pinoy" by: Larry Gamboa

In the reality of life, being raised and living in a middle class society whose boundaries were limited in some aspect, opportunities usually pave the way for the elite of society to enjoy the best things in life.  It is unless people like me who live in a rat race make an audacious step to go beyond and think of more ways on how to better improve my financial portfolio.

However, seeing things in a different perspective allows and gives us chances to change our life’s standing in society based on our goal and purpose in life. Looking back at my childhood, I and my siblings were so lucky to have parents who made us what we are and gave us what we have today. Despite their meager income, they were able to send us to college and to even pursue a post-graduate program. They keep on telling us that education is the best key for us to succeed in life and to get the best position when we are in our respective fields.

As I contemplate life, the more we try to get to higher ground, the more society becomes demanding of our needs and wants in life. Maybe because i want to achieve my financial freedom as early as now as I am already late for this and for the reason that I want to share more of what I have to those who really need it but can’t have it for some underlying reason. I believe, I have the capacity to shine in this field, but I have no mentor who can teach me how to free myself from the rat race.  Allow me to share some quotes from the ebook “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosake. "The main reason people struggle financially is because they spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is, people learn to work for money... but never learn to have money work for them".  So what I did is read…read...and read! Feeding the mind again is what is more important. Reading on the net about the basic things I should know on how to establish my financial portfolio gives boosts my motivation to strive more to reach my goal.

This ebook of Robert Kiyosake gives me the idea that knowledge cannot only be found  and experienced in the four corners of a room, but also in people who have insights on how to increase financial intelligence and solve life’s common problems. Education and wisdom about money are important. Start early. Buy a book. Go to a seminar. Practise. Start small. I will share with you some of my journey relevant to this in my future blog. I already have put into action what I have learned from this ebook.