Thursday, April 5, 2018

Davao City: 1st National Information Convention

"In the age of modern technology and information, ignorance is a choice"

I have attached here the summary report of our previous trip to Davao City to attend 2018 National Information Convention last February 19 to 21 at SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang, Davao City. It has been conceptualized with the primary aim of  empowering the community both public and private sectors thru government Information Officer and private media group for information dissemination of all the government's programs and project for the people. The minds behind NIC also hoped to start a movement where communicators model responsible sharing of information and use their platforms to inspire civic engagement. In short, No to Fake News. The activity is under the initiative of the Philippine Information Agency and allied agencies under the Presidential Communications Operations Office.
Selfie while waiting for take off with my office staff whom a first time flyer! Just sit back and relax!:-)

The Day one offered the participants a deeper understanding of the government flagship program and policies and provide insights on how to foster better relations between the government and the media.

The only News Anchor wearing sneaker on live news TV. haha! (Photo Op)
Our Grand Regal Hotel's view at night.
Speaker from DPWH, Department of Energy, DILG and DFA discussed their upcoming programs for the enhancement of the communities. DPWH gave emphasis on connecting people through their “Build, build, build” program that aims to construct more roads and accelerate strategic infrastructure development that will reduce inequality and will pave the way for inclusive growth by 2020. Thou the presentation of the master plan and its perspective is too good to realize, at least the national government is laying down plans to mitigate  the current problems on traffic and its related issue. I just hoped that the build, build, build project of the national government are also aligned to DICT's main goal of putting up an underground Fibr Optic cabling plant to better improve the country's communication facility. The  Department of Energy discussed the power of an informed energy consumer with the project titled “ePower mo”. The project aims to empower energy consumer through information on energy utilization and to make Filipinos energy-smart consumers. Campaign videos on energy utilization was also shown during the discussion. Meanwhile, DILG opened the topic about federalism and its objective to activate the region’s participation in nation decision making and accelerate the economic development of the regions. The PCOO launched the Rehabinasyon program, an initiative on fight against the illegal drugs. They also emphasize the people's need for freedom of information.

I may not be a good writer, a confident public speaker but I believed God place me where I am now to be a communicator of change for the betterment of delivering public service for the people. To all my leaders and mentors, I am forever thankful.

Photo Op with PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar w/ my office staff and mobile kiosk content developer, Myris. 
Pasalubong hoarding time at Davao pasalubong centre/market. 
The Day two provided specifics on harnessing the power of information contributing to social development, responsible use of information, and mechanisms for development communication. Governance and Social Security: Kontribusyong Sulit na Sulit by SSS discussed on how the members’ contribution is computed and encourage the participants to be part of SSS by enumerating the benefits they offers. Media personnel such as Mr. Luisito Beltran and Mr. Rey Langit were some of the speakers during the 2nd day of the convention. I'm just fascinated to hear their voices while giving talks as it reminds me of my childhood days while my father keeps on listening to their radio programs. They discuss how to empower government communicators and how to fight and identify fake news. Mr. Beltran inspired the participants to always bring intelligence to work and have passion in everything we do. Grassroots communication by Atty. Mesa talked about what makes a successful grassroots campaign that will ease the communication between the government and the general public. Empowering communities through media and information literacy was also tackled during the event. The Duterte App was launched by Sec. Martin Andanar, a mobile application that aims to inform the public regarding the Duterte administration's plans, programs and current news. He also encourage the participants to fight fake news through media literacy. Fellowship night was also held during the 2nd day, performance from the local artists and raffles for the participants sets the night.

Only one thing is for sure, there is no better way to solve the country's common economic problem than to educate its people and feed them with real data and information. Feedbacks and consensus solutions that will help build the nation will sure to follow in just one touch of a finger. #empoweringcommunities #nic2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Always Find Your Bliss (Post Birthday Blog Story)

It took me more than a year before I was able to update my blog. Not because I had nothing to share with you, but for the reason that I’d been too preoccupied with my work and personal life. In fact, there were so many wonderful things that had happened in the past year but which I had not been able to share here. 

Most photo attached in this blog post was taken last year. This shows how much difference one year can make. I hope we all realize that life isn't as long as we think it is, and that every day should be celebrated to its limit. One lifetime may not be enough for some, but live life to the extent that if today were your last, you wouldn't have lived any other way. To the people who give color and meaning to my life, thank you for the lessons learned and the shared memories…..especially to those who have given me reasons to be more thankful in realizing my purpose in life as a simple woman and public servant; praying for a healthier year ahead with my loved ones. 

Sorround yourself with great leaders.

I remember this photo taken last year when i had to tour around the City one of our guest from Manila. I had the chance again to bumped with my elementary retired teacher who also serves as tour guide/lecturer at Bataan Surrender Site museum. He told me to love what I'm doing even thou I'm not in the field of teaching as I humbly told her where I am now in my career as public servant. And she just give me an advise, and that is to be always ready and learn to save something for myself. As she sadly told me that she wasn't able to do it himself during the prime time of her career being the bread winner of the family. Living without a family of her own as she preferred to live a single life makes her feel unaccomplished in some aspects. I gave her a big hug after this meeting, and told her that I'm one of her proud accomplishment.  

Hey look at our hand gesture,,what thus it mean? Whatever!:-) 

I learned that second chances are not given to make things right. But are given to prove that we could be better even after we fall. Photo with former actor Jiro Manio. 

Always remember, bad or good, there's something to learn from senior leaders. Just filter it, and take something with you as you go along your journey. Be Proactive!

As the quote says, "Never let pride be your guiding principle. Let your accomplishment speaks for you".  Just always keep the humility in you.  

I just keep reminding myself about all the blessings I have received from HIM. Thus, I never feel bad about getting old. Life is always fluid. We are always changing, growing, and expanding our sense of self. It's really getting to the heart of who you are and where you excel, discovering stories, habits, and patterns you cling on to that may be limiting your potential. Taking it positively, we all have so much more potential beyond society’s expectations…that we don’t have an expiry date, that we have a choice over our destiny. So, don’t let norms control you. You do you! LOVE YOURSELF! Just be around people who can radiate your life positively. Don't let anyone control your life and things that you wanted to do for yourself. As long as you don't do any harm to anyone, go for it! Life is too short to live in bitterness. All I know is, I’m just a little older, wiser and happier! And as the old saying goes, “No matter how busy life gets, always find balance.” #singleblessedness

Be with someone who will never get tired listening to all your life's issue. My strong support and shock absorber. My forever BFFs.

My strong support..,my second family.. 

My Family..My Life. 

Despite some difficulties, the year 2017 deserves a full thumbs up! :-)