Monday, February 22, 2010

Life's Detour

When you travel in life and are about to reach the end of the road, just shift gear and you’ll find another path to begin with. Life is a never-ending journey. Life gives us adventures, obstacles and distractions. The real lesson is that we must learn how to manage the energy of life. In every phase, there are always ups and downs. Despite some misdirection and a few dead ends, we’re lucky to gather experience and develop more opportunities to enjoy life while on earth.

Lucky enough to meet people who will care to share a part of their life with you as they go on with their own journey. Someone who can make sacrifices for nothing at all. What matters most is how you value the learning and experience they have shared with you. Keep the values learned from each phase and take hold of what you think is significant in your journey. I’ll try to do my best to assist others to overcome their own personal road blocks and to be with them as they find them during their journey. I have found a few and still carry through it as I go along the way. The road to life is about making a choice to live life in a purposeful and meaningful way.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

February 14. The Heart month celebration. I enjoy this special day with my immediate family as we go swimming. Nothing can beat the joy of being with your family during this time even with or without a special someone. Bonding with my nephews at the pool side makes me feel young and lose tons of muscle nodules caused by stress. Actually the celebration coincided with my father's birthday celebration last Feb. 13.

If we are to contemplate, there are too many things that usually happen in our daily lives that we need to be thankful for and call for some celebration even the simplest accomplishment in life. Normally single people, especially women of my age, tend to be stressed when this special day arrives and no one is beside them to send special notes, flowers or even chocolates.

Sometimes it promotes loneliness and depression for those who think it's important to have someone special on Valentine’s Day. It is the changing trend nowadays that makes the occasion turn out to be like a masquerade as it has become too commercialized. Though it is most women’s hopes and dream to have someone dear to hold, still there are too many fascinating details to celebrate this occasion without being pathetic and spending that much. Remember, even though it is not Valentines Day, everyone is encouraged to show and express love every single day of your lives to the people most important to you. To all my dearest, Happy Valentine's day!