Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fight Dengue..Eradicate Deadly Mosquito Disease

Our City Health authorities are closely conducting their month long Dengue Control Program dubbed as "Puksain ang Kiti-kiti..sugpuin ang Dengue". This program was pushed through to eradicate the possible resurgence of the deadly dengue disease in the City of Balanga.

They conduct orientations to local communities and initiate the clean-up of possible sources of the mosquito-borne disease. It is done through their on-going preventive measures-- the larval sampling/indices-- by inspecting a target number of houses (100) per barangay and search and destroy activities of water-holding containers. Larviciding was done by dropping small amount of larvicides to areas assuming to be positive for mosquito larva. In this case, the group can easily determine which areas are most affected by and positive for Dengue for its early detection and application of appropriate control measures. 

The other measure is the residual spraying. 

Though according to some cases spraying with insecticides to kill adult mosquitoes has not been effective and, in fact, has been detrimental to prevention and control efforts by giving citizens of the community a “false sense of security”.

In my opinion the most prudent strategy is to eliminate all possible breeding places which carry the virus and maintain a clean surrounding. These mosquitoes love stagnant water and dark places. In order to eliminate cases of dengue, health officials should intensify their education and information campaign regarding dengue control and prevention measures which focus on proper sanitation and cleanliness.

Campaign should focus on the importance of removing all possible breeding places of mosquitoes.  I still believe that prevention is the best, as far as illnesses are concerned. Do not hesitate to ask for immediate treatment at various rural health stations or hospitals in case you notice the possible symptoms of dengue.

 Dengue, according to medical references, is an acute infectious viral disease which usually affects infants and young children. It is characterized by fever during the initial phase and other symptoms like headache, pain in the eye, joint and muscle pains, followed by signs of bleeding particularly nose and gum-bleeding and appearance of red tiny spots on the skin.

Fellow bloggers, help me disseminate this information. Let’s protect our love ones and act now.


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