Sunday, October 18, 2015

Live Agelessly And Celebrate Your Worth

My late post-birthday blog. Normally when I wake up in the morning, I perform my morning rituals before heading for work. As I woke up that particular morning, it was different. I made a change in routine. I took a minute to reflect since I couldn’t go to Manila that day for my customary birthday celebration. I owe to Him all the things and experiences I have gone thru during the past 40 years of my life. I can’t believe I reached 40! Isn’t that a huge blessing? Thank you, Lord, for all the forgiveness and blessings. As I see myself in the mirror that morning, I can’t help but feel amazed that this woman in front of the mirror is 40 and praying to be in good shape and being blessed with longevity! I suddenly recall some instances when I was mistakenly thought of as a lot younger than my present age. 

The most recent scenario was when I opened a bank account just a week ago. The bank teller asked me if it was my real age I wrote in the application form as she scanned two of my identification cards for her reference. She couldn’t believe it. She even called the attention of her co-bank teller just to show her amazement and disbelief. They thought I was just a student. I felt awkward. The ladies at the counter asked me if I was married already. When I told them I was still single, they stared in disbelief and said, “Wait until you get married!” Aww!! As if getting married will make me look older than my age. Oh no!, I don’t think it’s a good joke! Lol

The other scenario happened just four months back when I was checked by one of US Immigration Officers on my way out of San Francisco airport departure area. He asked for my passport and I handed it to him for the usual checking procedure. He glanced at my passport and looked at me. He did it again. The third time he did it, it gave me a warning signal that he might possibly have found something wrong with my passport. He asked me to take off my eyeglasses for him to better see if it was really me on the passport. So I took my glasses off. Afterwards he sighed in disbelief, “Yes, it is really you. You look just like a student,” he said. “How did you do that?!”, he asked with eyes wide-open staring at me.  What a relief! So thankful that he might just have mistakenly thought I was the life-size image of cartoon character Dora, The Explorer with the magic backpack! Lol! I simply nodded and said, “ Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Officer.” However, I also told him to always wear a smile. Then I left the officer with a big smile on his face. lol
With me in photo is my senior colleague who happens to be thought as my Mom during our bus trip going to Los Angeles, California last month of May. The bus driver advised me to keep an eye on her because she kept roaming inside the bus! Haha! Love you Ate Nel! Lol She was mistaken for my grandmother, too, by the PAL flight attendant when we had our flight check-in at San Francisco Airport. I whispered to her not to take it personally and to just consider it as her payback to me instead since I always helped her carry her heavy luggage and shopping bags during our entire USA trip! I actually acted like her Yaya Dub (nanny)! lol
March 22, 2006
July 01, 2012 No make-up look! :-)
June 20, 2013
This four photos in stripes was taken last February, 2014

January 2015
February 28, 2015
May 2015
Youthfulness has no secrets. The key can be summed up into three:  1. healthy diet,  2.  healthy lifestyle, and 3. healthy skin care regimen.
My make up hoardings! :-)
My magic wand for my skin imperfections! :-)
One of my secrets to flawless skin! lol
This is aside of course from not eating meat for five (5) years now. As the cartoon character Peter Pan said, “Always think happy thoughts!” Youthfulness is the result of what is inside your heart. It is the essence of peacefulness, contentment and enjoyment in even small things that come along in your daily life. It’s just a matter of how you appreciate even the heavy knocks that come along your journey. My life’s mantra is to keep on setting a youthful mood. Avoid negative vibes. Be always reminded that life is like a roller coaster ride. We just have to keep ourselves protected in order to enjoy the ride. Focus on your triumph and not on your age. If you carry your childhood with you, you’ll never grow old!


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