Friday, October 23, 2015

Vista Tala Recreational Park. Bataan Tourist Destination

One of the newest recreational parks built at the top of a mountain is set in 10 hectares of secluded grounds at the town of Orani in Bataan. Only 2 hours from downtown Metro Manila, via Sctex, Vista Tala offers one of the largest privately owned natural getaways in Bataan with clean landscape and elegant and modern architecture--- a getaway from life’s pressures in the healing tranquility of an environment that truly feels “away from it all”.

I was so spoiled with my boys that is why I love them more! :-)
It looks like it was our last supper! lol
Thank you so much to our dearest Santa Claus for this rewards! :-)
My extended family, the MIS Team, has some sort of weakness pertaining to decision making and in providing analytical solution when office-related problems arise particularly during critical situations. Those problems in turn develop and start conflicts within the team that need pressing solutions.  As a leader I have seen that it might possibly affect and impede the delivery of the city’s basic services. Having leisure once in a while will help them realize the importance of working as a team with one goal and spirit.
I feel so exhausted here coming from a long day work but I need to shake up my mood in order not to spoil the moment of getting along with my team thru non stop exchange of jokes! :-)
I'm gonna miss this gentleman. Thank you for all your hardwork and contribution to the team. I am really so proud of you.
I also take the opportunity to relax considering that this outing coincides on my birthday treat  to my team. Feeling like a boss! lol 
Morning view at Vista Tala. It is really so refreshing to wake up in the morning with this kind of weather and view. The place is so romantic in nature! :-)

This kind of get-together will inevitably provide effective working relationship and attitude towards work and build camaraderie among the team. Thus, it is highly recommended to pursue this activity to interact effectively and build respectful relationships within and between units and among individuals. As the old saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. lol :-) 


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