Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ocean Adventure at Subic Bay Freeport Zone

As I experienced the most amazing amusement theme and marine park abroad, I told myself I should also experience and see for myself what my country can offer in terms of marine conservation and protection. What makes this activity more exciting is experiencing it with my loved ones, my family. The Ocean Adventure at Subic Bay Freeport Zone is the first and only Southeast Asian Marine Park. This is my first time to visit this amusement park, but not my nieces and nephews who have gone there frequently. We are just so thankful that we were given a huge entrance discount by Ocean Adventure’s resort manager. We enjoyed the following theme park’s activities.

1. Walk on the Wild Side at Eco Theater
2. Dolphin Friends Show at El Capitan Theater.
3. Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show at Sea Lion Point Stadium.
4. Ocean Discovery Aquarium-
I once again made an encounter with this group of African Acrobat, they are so talented and witty! I saw their amazing acrobatic moves during one of their performance in Camayan Resort and Restaurant in Subic Freeport.

I really enjoyed watching these marine animals as they submissively followed the instructions of their respective trainers. Those animals were very smart and amazing! Thru the live show presenting their skills they were able to convey to people who were watching the show that marine animals are like human beings. They also have the right to live peacefully on earth. As a responsible citizen of this country we must make an effort to protect the environment and marine and wild life animals. We had our lunch inside the theme park’s restaurant, which served a variety of delish viands. 


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