Monday, August 18, 2014

Star Virgo Cruise: A World-Class Vacation

Since I am on a hype to highlight the city department heads’ previous study tour in Davao City, I can’t help but reminisce the time when we went on a cruise in 2011, a treat by our generous Santa Claus to his hardworking elves. 

We consider this as the best gift ever that we had received from him, as we haven’t known any other agency in the country that can surpass this remarkable gift of appreciation and reward of its Chief Executive to its Department Heads. Modesty aside, it is not impossible because our known Santa Claus belongs to a family who has a generous heart for their people, more so to officers like us who, in some way or another, are the people whom they count on and trust in implementing various programs and projects for the welfare of their constituents.   

We are the happiest and most excited group of officers that time as we had the chance to temporarily park our pen and roll up our sleeves for some recreation and leisure.  Let’s start to rock the giant ship with this group of wacky department heads and city consultants!

Of course in any travel, passenger safety is their first and major concern. So they gave us a short briefing on what to do in case of emergency. I told myself there are no good swimmers when disasters occur, so I have to make sure that I know all the possible exit points of the ship. However, I think it’s better if I find the ship captain’s room so I can exit carefully in case the ship sinks! Lol 

The food was over flowing as the ship was loaded with plenty of delicious foods to eat---  from main course to desserts and pastries. Eat all you can! Look at my plates here. Do I look hungry?? Lol 

And with these kinds of food in our 3-day cruise; we gained weight so we decided to take some muscle stretching for some weight loss. 

I love this shot, so candid..thank you Mr. Photographer! :-)

Party all night as we had the chance to sing and dance along with the famous group of band singers in our country, The Company! Actually we didn’t know that we were all boarding the same ship as we bumped with them while we were departing at NAIA airport in the Philippines. 

Look on how proud the crew members here while waving for our Philippine flag from the right side. For the information of my readers, big percentage of the crew members of this cruise ship  are mostly dominated by Filipino nationality. They are world-class and talented Overseas Filipino Workers OFW! My salute to you guys! So am proud pinay! :-) 

On the last night of our stay, we experienced the exquisite Cruise Gala Night together with all the staff and crew of Star Virgo Cruise. We were all dressed with in fancy clothes.  We looked like stockholders of a multi-million company in the Philippines! We felt so proud of our party outfit! hahaha  

This is one of the best moments we have shared with one another as we were given the chance to forget for a while the pressures and stresses brought about by our work. As we go back to our respective offices in the following week, we are more motivated to work and go beyond our office mandate. The end goal of this blog is to encourage more of the young future leaders around the world reading this blog to strive and become more committed to work while in government service or in the  corporate world. Who knows in your own time, perhaps you will be the next in line to experience these kinds of precious gifts from organizations where you belong. To all my kuya’s and ate’s, thank you for sharing with me this wonderful experience. And most especially to the man behind all this and who made this thing possible, our profound gratitude!    


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