Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Panabo City. Tagum City. Davao City

The first time I went to Davao City was in February of 2013 during the Department of Science & Technology’s (DOST) launching of Smarter Philippines at Marco Polo Hotel. 

The program aims to drive the country towards more efficient and reliable services in several sectors and help produce world-class products, services and human resources as the DOST taps science and technology to help stimulate the country’s economy.

Alejandro Melchor III, deputy executive director for ICT Industry Development of DOST-ICTO, said that ICT could empower various industries, even agriculture, to enhance their capabilities. It was just so overwhelming that during his presentation, he showcased City of Balanga as one of the Local Government Units (LGU), which has great potential to a smarter cities program based on its ongoing initiatives on economic development. He even remembered my name during his presentation as we met during our eGOV Awards program entry presentation in Clark Pampanga on November of 2012. He requested me to rise among hundreds of participants to acknowledge our LGU’s effort on the same program. I felt like I was wearing a five-(5-) inch high stiletto at that moment. During our dinner cocktail meeting with Davao ICT Council on the same day, I was able to shake his hand for such an overwhelming acknowledgment of the City of Balanga through me as our City Mayor was not available during the program launching.  

Launching of DOST's newest umbrella program dubbed "Smarter Philippines" at Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City last Feb 21, 2013 headed by Science Secretary Mario Montejo, USEC Louis Cassambre, Exec. Deputy Dir. Alejandro "Buds" Melchor III, NICP-ICT Council Officers and other foreign delegates. 
Photos were taken during Capability Building Seminar for ICT Council officers run by the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines headed by Ms. Wit Holganza. The event was held at the Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City on February 21 & 22, 2013.
NICP-ICT Council Luzon Cluster Meeting.
Deputy Executive Director Mr. Alejandro "Buds" Melchor III during his smarter cities presentation. 

The girl with the long-black hair is me. Photo courtesy by one of my co-delegates during Smarter Philippines opening program at Marco Polo Hotel last February 21, 2013, Davao City.
Cocktail dinner hosted by Davao ICT Council led by Ms. Witt Holganza as their welcome treat to NICP delegates and officers. 

I had the opportunity to go back to Davao again, this time with my fellow department heads during our Study Tour 2014.

On our first day we had a courtesy call to Panabo City Mayor Jose L. Vilvosa Sr. followed by courtesy call to Tagum City Mayor Allan L. Rellon. Cited during study tour was the presentation and discussion on Tourism Development, Child-Friendly Programs, Care for School Chair Programs, Economic Enterprise Projects, Reef-to-Ridge Environment Conservation Program & its initiatives in Promotion and Advocacy of city’s plans and program which were my department’s main concern. 

Hey guys listen, there will be a question and answer portion after the Panabo City presentation on thier solid waste management program, please prepare yourself. lol :-)

Last activity for the day was the site visit at Tagum’s City Economic Enterprise Office. In photo, we all looked hungry! It was evident in the expressions on our face! 

And the last leg of our study tour was at City Government of Davao. We had presentation and discussion about Davao’s Tourism Development, Literacy Programs, Smoke-Free Program and ICT-related program such as IT-driven eGOV infrastructure in Davao’s Public Safety & Security Command Center & IT-BPM Industry. I am just so thankful that since Balanga ICT Council is an active member of National ICT Confederation of the Philippines, we were assisted in our entire trip in Davao Central Business District by our very own NICP Chairman Ms. Witt Holganza who happens to be one of the active IT-BPO players of Davao City.   

Dialogue with Davao's CCTV Command Center Administrator. Col Decada, are you listening to what they are talking about here? Any inputs to contribute? Hope this blog not reach col decada's knowledge! Peace men! hahaha :-)


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