Monday, August 18, 2014

Phuket Thailand

Despite what had happened to one of our companions that time, we still tried not to spoil the trip and keep the adrenalin pumping. Nobody wanted it to happen. The next port is Phuket, Thailand. We rented again another vehicle to show us around the tourism area of Phuket. 

We experienced a language barrier here, maybe because of the geographical location of the area. It became hard for us to communicate with the Thailanders as some of them had a hard time speaking English.  

The service driver brings us to one of their beach areas in Phuket, as these particular regions of Thailand are best known for wonderful beaches. However, since Phuket, Thailand that time had recently experienced disaster along its coastal area a month before we arrived, the effects of giant tidal wave that hit their coastal areas were still visible at the shoreline of the beach resorts. 

We went elephant trekking and to live cobra show which the ladies didn’t enjoy. Instead, we waited outside for our male companions who were too enthusiastic to experience watching a live cobra show.

It's so freak in HOT that day! :-)

In this photo, we were having a hard time communicating to the waitress in giving our orders as we asked them to explain to us the content of their menu/food as it was written in Thai language. In the end we came up with a very unique kind of meal. We can’t help but laugh the entire lunch, as we couldn’t eat what we ordered! Look at the facial expression of my fellow department heads while eating a portion of the super spicy viand! Lol

Along the road trip we have seen a number of Thai personalities in government and got down the car for some souvenir photo.  


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