Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starving and Deprivation

I really can’t imagine how hard life is now. Just this morning I had three visitors again. Two were relatives and one a neighborhood friend.  But its different now, they were asking for financial assistance. They asked help for their family’s medical needs and food for the day. I can’t help but reminisce the time when my grandmother told me that the month of June to September are months when there is no fish to catch in the sea. Fishermen in our village have no other source of income as fishing is the main source of livelihood.  People from our village almost have nothing to feed their family, no other source to augment their daily needs. There is no alternative livelihood program that exists in our village to alleviate this heartbreaking situation. It only means one thing:  No fish, no food. No food means no schooling for the youth. Another page of my life will unfold again next month and these scenarios continue to occur in the village where I grew up. I keep asking myself when the scarcity will be end, and yet it remains a big question. It will go on, unless the mindset of my neighborhood changes and they see education as just as important as food. Only right education can beat poverty, aside of course from our sacred source, our Almighty God. Whoever in the world may read this message, I plead for your help. If you could, please give suggestions on what kind or type of livelihood program would be appropriate for our village. It depends merely on fishing and fish processing.


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