Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is really depressing nowadays. Just this morning, I had two visitors. One of them was a relative and the other one was a graduate of computer technician. They both had the same agenda. Both are seeking for job opportunities in my office. Just this month my brother decided to go back to government service as he failed to run smoothly the business he opened months ago. This is due to too much trust he gave to his employees. He is now preparing all the documents and readying himself to pass through the tedious process of re-entering the world of the Philippine National Police ---- the world where badges and valor are no longer significant, the world where a full-stomach remains to be more important. This June, I need to submit to the Human Resource Management Office my staff’s recommendation for the renewal of their job order appointment. And I am very disappointed to have a few of them who haven’t appreciated the job they have. Once again I am in the midst of deciding whether to renew their contract of service or not. Actually only 3 out of 17 personnel have this negative work attitude. I want to pull them out of my team that by they may realize how hard it is to start from scratch. What prevents me from doing so is the fact that I don’t want this to become an additional burden to them, more so to their family as they are family men already. I know they have mouths to feed. But sometimes I just want to punch them in the face so that they will be awakened and realize how lucky they are to have a job and how everyone should be responsible in this world of public service.


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