Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gardening – A recreational way of enriching human soul

Just last week I was in Bae, Laguna for a pleasure trip. There was this cozy place known as Bae Palm Resort- a seven-hectare farm lot which was fully developed and well landscaped like a garden in heaven. As I interviewed the caretaker, I discovered that almost 1,500 palm trees were planted on the resort. Only hundreds have survived since they started operation as a commercial resort way back in 1994.  I really love the place as it really gives leisure to its visitors especially the lush scenery. It gives tranquility to your soul and emotions. The place is best for religious activities such as retreats, company outings like team buildings and the like. Nature lovers will surely fall in love with the place as I did.

We went outside the resort to buy some food. I was just kind of annoyed with their Public Market.  It looked like a barrio tic (?). The main road is so narrow that only two vehicles could be accommodated at a time. It looked as if the place had not yet been touched by modernization. It seems that they want to preserve the green scenery. I observed that almost all houses along the main road had plants in their backyard.  It only means one thing, the Laguna residents are into nature preservation.

The place really captivated my heart as I was able to bring home with me pots of ornamental plants and flowers. I love gardening so transferring all those plants to their new home is as exciting as opening a new box of perfume. Hope to be back in Laguna for plants hoarding!


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