Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life after Graduation

Batch of Bachelors in Secondary Education

Parting time is a poignant scene which we usually observe during graduation day especially in high school and college. Those were the days that you’d keep holding on close to your classmates or best friend as if those were your last days to be with one another. However, at such times, my mind gets preoccupied with another important thing. I keep on asking myself, “What’s life after graduation like?” Will I pass the board examination for teachers? Will I be employed? What if I didn’t employed, where would I fall? I have a very low self-esteem that time and so confused which I think is normal for a person like me who has just taken the education course for the sake of having a professional career. I finished Bachelor in Secondary Education and have my Post Masters Degree in the same field, and yet I realized that teaching just wasn’t for me. I don’t want to get stuck up within the four corners of my classroom. I want a more challenging role. Those questions now are history. Ultimately, I decided to take the route to government service through a Local Government Unit. For the past 15 years, as I see my career path, I can now tell myself, “Not bad!” I have now a very challenging career. I just need to learn how to balance my work and personal life. Pictures posted above are taken recently during our first college batch reunion. Some of my classmates are now certified Public High School Teachers and pursuing a higher degree related to their fields. They are quite successful in their chosen careers and personal life as well. Some of them also take detours like me. Sometimes life is really mysterious and we may never know what lies ahead of us.


Bill said...

Hello first time here. You have a nice site. Congrats on your graduation.

Nicola said...

Realising that the plan you had set out for yourself is not longer right for you can be scary. And actually acting on it takes a lot of guts. But it's best to take that leap. There can't be much that's worse for someone entering such a tough graduate jobs market than chasing after a career that isn't really right for you.

And you shouldn't worry about what everyone else will think either. Your career is something you have to be happy with, not just what everyone expected of you.

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