Monday, May 9, 2011

A Dream Rest House

Hundred Fifty (150) Square Meter Residential Lot and One thousand three hundred forty five (1,345) Square Meter agricultural lot and hoping to be converted to a residential lot soon..

I was wondering how a small piece of real property could be developed into a cozy, yet privately set-up rest house. I am a frustrated architect, by the way, so I really love to design plans in mind and build them according to how I want them to look like. It is very in-demand nowadays for a family gathering or a get-together to rent a resort or rest house and celebrate the occasion with loved ones in the place. They prefer to celebrate it privately without sacrificing convenience and amenities, where you will feel relaxed and refreshed, and can accommodate positive changes in your personal life. Maybe a big-enough swimming pool or lanai with heaps of ornamental and flowering plants will do work wonders. Adding to it is the lightning effect on the place that will give a more relaxing ambiance at night. I want to make the ambiance so irresistible, a place that will look like haven. Something with interplay of what is natural and yet modern. I need to squeeze my budget to make this dream materialize. This will be of great help for me especially in my line of work now. This will surely reduce my stress. There is a fact that say’s, “If you want your dream to happen, put them on paper”. So what I do now is write it online. It seemed a bit silly to some people but at this moment of despair I figured writing something down might just be the first step to realize this dream.


Alberto said...

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jeremy said...

You are almost there in achieving your dreams.

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