Monday, June 6, 2016

Capture The Moments

Little did I know that seven years have passed and this little fella turns 7. Time flies so fast! Sooner than we thought, we’ll have our own basketball heartthrob in the family. Memories suddenly flashed back and I remember when I was fond of putting fresh flowers on his ear because he looked like his younger sister. As much as possible, I try not to show favoritism to any of my 7 nephews and nieces as all of them have their own unique character that makes them adorable. All of them used to call me Mama. However, this little smart kid silently gets my attention most of the time because he is too affectionate. This is aside from the fact that among the seven of them, he is the one who is most sickly, that’s why he gets most of our care and attention. I pray to the Lord that He grow up healthy, with the heart of a kid, and the likeness of a gentleman.

Isaiah's at 7th

GSW Curry's little die hard fan!

The celebrant's signature moves!
Mama's lucky free-throw shoot!
Repeta's back to back challenge !
Our very own future PBA player from Santos Family.
Team Ma'Ropets (Ropeta Family)
The bench squad cheerer! :-)
Family is LOVE!

The Most Valuable Player of the family!
It is really love to be a kid!

There's no evidence to show that I'm one of his avid fan. :-)
Ropeta vs Matibag. The game is on!
The next Hunk and Heart Throb of the game court!
In my eyes, your still my most handsome SMURF! :-)
The loving grandparents.
The good provider and proud parents. I prayed that you will both stay united in love and christ.
And all He can say is Thank You Po! :-)


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