Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Always Celebrate Life

"We didn't Need Words..We Just Look At Each Other and Smile"..

Celebration of life with a group of women with a Salt and Pepper Hair. One of the things that I have learned in my years of work in government service is, I was able to get along with my senior colleagues without having any conflict despite our age differences… though I get annoyed at times with their whims because I have no choice but to give way since I am the younger one among the group. I just remind myself to be more patient with them because I believe in my own time I will experience the same erratic mood swing. Hahaha…! I just hope they will not be able to read this blog, or else they might use my hair to mop the floor, just like what Cinderella's step mom did to her! lol

We momentarily had a break and experience the authentic Asian ambiance at The Oriental Hotel, Bataan as we celebrated the 60th birthday of one of our beloved colleagues. I had been to The Oriental Hotel- Legaspi way back 2012, if my memory serves me right. I attended an ICT conference in Legaspi City, Albay and through the generosity of The Oriental Hotel-Legazpi to our City Mayor whom I represented that time, I was accommodated in their executive room for free. That is one of the perks of my work. Hehe…  And I must say that the owner and developer of Oriental Hotel, both in Legaspi and Bataan, have great architectural acumen and hotel experience. Will post my throwback experience at Oriental Hotel-Legazpi some other time… from its landscape, to sumptuous foods and accommodation. It was an amazing hotel and resort experience! We really did have a great experience of taking lots of photos, even if it was just a short period of time.


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