Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud Joy Ride

There’s nothing more enjoyable than being with your whole family and clan during vacation month, especially the bonding that you create with each unique member of the family.  Traveling, as a group is also the best time to get to know more of one’s self. This is also the way that you are able to discover more of your family’s uniqueness, their ability to adjust and cope with certain situations that require you to be more patient and understanding. Camaraderie strengthens families when the situation demands for a couple of hands to do a certain task for the benefit of everybody’s hungry stomach. Feelings of happiness brought by this leisure brings immeasurable gratitude to the one who gave us chances to be and spend time with one another and in the end, to bring us all home safe and recharged. However, though it was really an exhausting journey, it gave us an opportunity to discuss matters that concern our family and to lean on one another’s shoulder for support. In the end it brings pleasure and a new perspective in life. Take every minute of our time to be with our family while we have the chance to be with them. Let us all explore the beauty and culture of North Luzon with our weekend joy ride with my family. I feel so blessed.


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