Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cagayan De Oro- White Water Rafting Experience

When I was young, my father always told me not to get too relaxed when playing in a body of water, especially when the water is calm. Always be vigilant. Weather at that time is perfect for rafting activity.

I was the first one among the group who jumped into the water to challenge myself and overcome my fear of heights!  "You cannot always wait for the perfect time...sometimes you must dare to jump!" 
And the rafting challenge begins...
Some of the strong rapids that we encountered in our journey..

Another winning battle. Almost all members of the team fell off and collided against strong rapids and I survived! I made it again, Thank you Lord!

No Pain..No Gain! I was not drowning here. I jumped off the raft to test the temperature of the water and to swim but when i had to climb back up on the raft in anticipation of the next rapids, my body was too heavy to lift. I realized then that I already needed to lose some weight! Lol

Being a trying-hard adventure enthusiast myself, I sometimes get the chance to go out of business as usual and splurge in the water to loosen some of the pressures brought about by work and personal life. I have my own way of renewing my diminishing strength by playing and relaxing with Mother Nature to recharge and boost my weakened spirit. This is my form of attracting positive energy and dispelling negative ones.

And the white water rafting activity of Cagayan De Oro City is part of my bucket wish list! I always live up to the famous YOLO (You Only Live Once) hashtag. But for the information of everyone, rafting is not just for everybody. People with severe asthma, cardio-vascular and heart problems, epilepsy and pregnant ladies should not opt for these trips. If in doubt, take medical advice before participating. This water activity requires physical endurance and wave shock tolerance. Never force people who are hydrophobic or have any related fears, to participate in the activity.  I am just a type of person who always tries to explore and loves to experience challenging physical activity, given the chance.

What I like most about  this experience is the chance to develop more of the ability and skills of every member of the team not  to fall off  the rafts in every rapid encountered  through paddle synchronization and body tempo. Somehow in the midst of rafting, as you hear the stream of the running water, the tweeting of the birds flying around, the beautiful music they create in your ear and the waving of the branches of the trees that surround the entire river as if they are welcoming you to their realm, you will realize how blessed you are to have experienced and played with the beauty and wonders of mother nature. Just like in life, when you are about to give up, just paddle your own canoe.

Every journey has its ups and down, you just have to go on and learn to play with and enjoy the rapids of life.


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