Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sanctity of Catholic Faith

What do you understand about Catholic teaching in the light of Scripture? Do you know about the history of the Catholic Church? How deep is your faith in Catholicism? I still believe in letting people speak for themselves when it comes to Catholic doctrine. Born a sinner myself and being “not-so observant” of catholic practices, the question, for me, is both confusing and controversial.

I myself was raised a Roman Catholic by my parents and both their families. They have strong connections to the church and Roman Catholicism.  Since I was young, all I’ve known is to accept the tradition, customs and devotions of a baptized Catholic parishioner. As we grow, we have tried to plant modest seeds of faith among us siblings. And that’s why I thought we were all still hanging on the same rope of faith.

But as time goes by, with each sibling having his own priorities while trying to live the Catholic faith, things start to change. The change has affected the complexity of some personal faith and principles of this religion. The pain becomes difficult to bear and acceptance hard to obtain. The Rabbi (our father) was hurt by the change in faith of one of his precious followers (we, their children). It hurt him to learn that not all members of his community (our family) were united in one common faith.

The Rabbi looked defeated when he came to know about this. No one knows what goes on in his mind as it has become very difficult for his followers to relay the concern. It’s hard to see his frustration and the pain inflicted by these unexpected changes. However, it was also liberating and it led those who were left to a closer relationship with God. Maybe someday, when everyone is ready, when everyone becomes open- minded to accept things beyond what is expected, things will be back to normal.

People need to be respectful. I believe, regardless of our religious beliefs and affiliations, we are still sons and daughters of the same God. We just need to accept the fact that some things happen in this world that are beyond our control.

We all shall pass through this world. Make the journey as light as possible.


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