Monday, June 4, 2012

Boracay Vacation: I'm a Beach Girl.

Life always gives us the opportunity to prove our strengths in every given situation. This is to test our endurance and skills in handling challenging circumstances.  Fear can hold us up, take away precious time to move forward, and hinder us from experiencing life’s most thrilling events or activities. Bear in mind that the chance to fully experience and explore the beauty of life is not equally given to all for some reason.

When my doctors put me on a certain edge of physical limit…I told myself, “We’re only human and we all exist in this world to breath for a living. We can only guide people on what to do with their life, but not to just put them in a box wrapped with imaginary fears and anxieties.” Confront whatever it is you're afraid of.  Just relax and control your emotions. Never panic. The tricks that work for me might also work for you, so try them. Remember, just because you're afraid doesn't mean you're a coward. But doing something that scares you because it's important or necessary is bravery. And you surely are brave if you have decided to face your fears. Just keep in mind that God never puts us in trouble without protection. We just need to assess our physical and emotional endurance. I am a beach lover so for me summer 2012 will not end without splurging on the coast. We only live once in this world, so make the most out of it! To my dearest and loving friend, thank you for always giving me a big boost of self-confidence!

Jet Ski - Riding a Jet Ski in Boracay is one of my unforgettable adventures. It was my first time to experience this extreme activity and I loved it!  At first, I was hesitant to drive in full speed because I was afraid that the waves might topple me over. But the second time around, I pushed the accelerator to maximum speed and it was a hell of a ride. I just needed to remember my driving skills.

Fly fish- A speedboat throwing an inflatable craft out the sea isn't a good sight, especially if it's me on the fly fish craft. It could be exciting, yes, but can I survive it?  When the speedboat started to accelerate, almost my entire group where thrown out and I was the only one left! I told myself, “I made it, Yahoo!” But on the last run of the speedboat, my luck did not hold out wasn’t go on my side as I full off myself on the grip and fall to the shore, and the excitements begin!

 Helmet Diving- This is one water activity that scared me the most. Why? This water activity really measures breathing stamina. I honestly told the helmet diving guide that I had some heart issue and I was currently having an asthma attack. Still, I insisted that I really wanted to experience this water activity.  Maybe they got irritated with me, so they gave in! lol. It was a great experience, and I survived! I love it!
ATV- When I heard the word “Boracay”, I thought it was just all about island hopping.  There was another fun and exciting activity, riding an ATV and going hell bent for leather through the island with a short stop in Mount Luho – Boracay’s highest peak. If you want to do something that will make your pulse pound and your mind fill with excitement, this is it!

Zorb- It is a giant, inflatable bouncing ball usually made of transparent plastic rolled down the hill for the purpose of recreation and I rode on a hydro zorb.  This is an Uphill to downhill ride. I had back pains the next morning! But the experience paid - off!

Zip line- Boracay Mount Luho Zip line relies on gravity. Like a fast roller coaster down the mountain, you can really feel the G-force unlike other zip lines that operate on machine-driven pulley systems. I’ve been to Tree Top adventure in Subic, Zambales so this experience wasn’t as exciting compared to the other activities I did in Boracay.
Speed Boat- the first time I got the opportunity to ride a speedboat was traumatic. That was when I was rushed to the hospital due to asthma attack. But in Boracay, riding a speedboat was a great, relaxing experience as the boat captain always tried to make turns that made us yell out loud!
Beach vacation will not be complete without food galore! My doctor strictly advised me not to eat seafood’s while having an asthma attack, but who could resist eating sumptuous and mouth-watering foods in D’ Talipapa Boracay where a fresh line of seafood’s invites everyone for a taste! I had a fully loaded pack of anti-histamine with me anyway. I took steroids this time so my appetite really drove me crazy! This is my third time in Boracay and I could say that this is one of the best Boracay experiences that I've ever had!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!!! Boracay's the best! I haven't tried that helmet diving. Will do next time. Great post & pics! :)

Just followed you on GFC. Hope to get a follow back and a twitter follow too. :) Thank you!

Nenette B. Santos said...

Yah it's really an anjoyable vacation. Thanks for the follow! I will return the favor.

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