Sunday, July 22, 2012

God moves in a mysterious way...

So many things have happened and so many blessings have been received to be thankful for this month of July. Just last week, my team went to a certain “battle” where my “orders” were disputed. Words were exchanged. It seemed like I was fighting a battle using disoriented soldiers. I presumed everyone understood what we were fighting for. This was a costly mistake on my part. Because of this mistake, we were not able to reach our goals. However, just like a soldier, the more I got wounded, the more I became aggressive to try to turn the tide of battle. However, I needed to draw another tactical plan that would lead my team to victory.

 This scenario put me in a difficult situation where I had to decide whom to choose to come with me to continue what had been started. So I asked the intervention of the Most Powerful Soldier on earth to guide me in my decision. This time there would be no room for mistakes. Any mistake might cause bigger problems and might even complicate the present scenario. I whispered to Him, “Lord, give me a sign. Lead me to the person who can help me to bring out the best in my team. Help me to come out with a win-win solution.”

Then one Saturday morning, a knock on the window of our convenience store called my attention. As I opened the window, I saw a young man in his early 20's pleasantly smiling at me. He asked if I could give a little time to listen to the words of God. He carried a small bible in his right hand and a long, black umbrella and a black bag portfolio in the other. Despite the heavy rain, he was so patiently giving away a very expensive offer for free! As I glanced at him, I saw he was wearing a checkered-white polo, black trousers, and a pair of mud-covered black leather shoes. Suddenly, he reminded me of an Electrolux product-demo representative and of a certain line in its TV commercial which goes like this: "I'm gonna knock on your door, ring on your bell, knock on your windows, too!”. Kidding aside, he had the looks that every woman of his age would admire. Anyway, I assumed he was a member of a certain religious group that regularly conducts house-to-house bible study. I simply responded and said; "Go ahead," because that time, I really needed it most. He read with me a short bible verse that was spiritually enlightening. The image that follows this article gave me the sign that I asked for. It helped me to support my course of action.

Now I know that in order for me to come up with a win-win solution, I must first submit myself to further self-evaluation. Maybe it was I who needed to change. My decision should affect our goals in the long run.  There are times when we need to accept the fact that even though it hurts, parting ways sometimes is the best recourse to terminate a relationship that does not work. This is in order for those affected to grow wiser, to become more productive, and to strive to improve their personal and professional life. This decision will surely interpret negative impression to those affected especially on the part of the decision-maker. However, upon deeper analysis of the situation, this could be the best time for those affected to grow as a person and to do their best while working outside of their comfort zone.

I hope and wish that when the time comes that we cross paths once more, they could humbly say, "Thank you for getting me off your team. Because of that, I have become more confident of myself, and now I am one of the most successful businessmen in town.” If that happens, I will consider myself a fulfilled leader.


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