Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness Month

I'm trying to conquer my fear! The man in the middle is our Local Chief Executive- Mayor Joet S. Garcia together w/ our City Health Officers.
The four sacrificial lambs together with Ms. Beauty Titlist Abbygale Arenas-De Leon, model and anti-cervical cancer advocate of the cervical cancer society.
There is always a reason to be joyful and feel blessed by just being a woman. This especially when given priority over others for certain health reasons.  Just two weeks ago I was given a dose of anti-cervical cancer vaccine, being one of the lucky beneficiaries of the City Government of Balanga’s program to fight the second leading cause of death among women in the country next to breast cancer.

So thankful for having leaders who are greatly concerned about their employees’ health. 

Three doses of anti-cervical cancer vaccines were given to female city hall employees. Payments are on a staggered basis. What made us the envy of other LGU’s was that the last dose was FREE of charge. Isn’t that amazing? This is big savings on the part of those beneficiaries whom cannot really afford to have it all done on their own pocket.  What makes it funny is, I was chosen to be an advocate of this program initiative, and at first I was really hesitant for I am so allergic to any public exposure but when I realized the objective of this program, I told myself, at least I was able to help and connect to others to let people know the significant of this project to every women’s life.

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