Friday, October 17, 2014

Subic Zambales: All Hands Beach Resort

Being a beach lover, my adrenalin pumps up every time my foot touches the sand on the shore. I feel like I have a deep connection with the sea and I have always felt peaceful and worry-free each time I am on a shore. I think that perhaps in my past life I was a mermaid! :-) Oh gosh, this is what I get from watching different fairytale characters in Disney movies. Ariel fervent! lol! Anyway, All Hands Beach Resort in Subic, Zambales is one of my favorite places. Kidding aside, I really love the fa├žade of the resort as if it was majestically painted in canvass where every detail is carefully sketched to mesmeriz anyone who will come to the place to appreciate its scenic view.  This time I was given again the chance to renew my communion with nature during our company’s general assembly meeting. 

Just like other places I’ve been to, I keep coming back for some leisure.  This time I will randomly break down my subsequent trips here starting from our recent company’s general assembly meeting with almost 700 city employees last September 18, 2014.

Selfie with our Human Resource Management Officer-Ms. Cristina Apostol. One of my dabarkads! Photos taken on our way to All Hands Beach Resort. :-)

With Civil Service Commission-Provincial Director Ms. Emily discussing the importance of Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) to government employee in realising our respective work targets. 

Our City Mayor humbly joined city employee on sand race game under the heat of the sun.

Goofing around with our handsome LCE-Mayor Joet Garcia of the City of Balanga together with my wacky team.

Selfie with my friend Mayor Ace Manalang of Tarlac City- the humble and generous owner of All Hands Beach Resort.

It was the first time for my family to celebrate Black Saturday and Easter Sunday last April 2014 at this beach. This is something new for us, as we are not used to going out during Lenten Season. We usually observe the Catholic tri-duum celebration at home. We grew up celebrating this holy season of the Catholic Church in a conservative way ever since we were kids. And celebrating it with a twist is something that excites us, especially my nieces and nephews.

We rented 3-Family rooms for the whole family at 20% discount! Thank you my friend! :-)
We are busy preparing for the the Easter egg hunting activity exclusive for the kids of the family! :-)
And one of the winner is ME! lol :-)

The resorts own version of easter egg hunting activity for the kids exclusive for the hotel check-in guest.

Goofing around with my balikbayan best friend’s family last February 2013 during her vacation trip. Selfie galore!

My BFF’s birthday celebration at the resort with the owner himself, Mayor Ace Manalang of Tarlac city.

My old-time set of BFFs..

The resort owner himself-Mayor Ace Manalang with the birthday celebrant as photobomber! :-)

The two- (2-) day Team Building activity of my department- The Management Information Services Office (MISO) last 2013.

I randomly write down my thoughts on this pleasure whenever I am knocked down by the monotony of my daily routine.  I think I get so immersed in work and work-related things that I don't give enough time for myself. So I realized I had to re-discover all these restored photo memories from my archive to better appreciate my blessings and opportunities. God always gives us the chance to experience these priceless moments with our loved ones and see for ourselves the beauty of life.  We just have to be appreciative even for just simple things that come our way. They are there to remind us how generous God is.  And this is how I appreciate all HIS blessings. I just want to share it with you. 


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