Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baguio City

Photos taken using Iphone4s only. Amazing view! :-)

The Summer Capital of the Philippines. It is a Thursday throwback posting. I’ve been to Baguio City for so many times both for work and leisure purposes and I still keep coming back. However, I’ve always had the same experience every time I am given the chance to be in this city. I always feel the excitement of its cool breeze and its lustrous view of nature through its beautiful landscape of flowers and ornaments. Baguio is like a huge garden in my eyes. Actually every time I am in this city, I want to bring home with me all the beautiful landscape of flowers around me. It is really so refreshing and gives tranquility to the soul- the dense fog that makes you feel like you can touch the sky and the experience of a freezing cold weather in the morning. And more so, the romantic feeling brought by the glimmering lights at night on top of the hill.  Isn’t that thrilling? Photos below are some of my previous travel experiences in this city that I recall as I can no longer remember some of it. Maybe these are just some of the trips that I consider memorable. 

This was taken in 2008 when I was invited to be one of the guest speakers for Department of Interior & Local Government (DILG) Seminar Workshop for Barangay Streamlining and Local Governance. With me was my City Administrator as he was also invited to give an inspirational talk about leadership. Tagging along with us were his office staff and with me was my hardworking System Administrator-Ms. Jennifer Suerte Felipe.

We are done with our presentations so its time to explore the city! :-)


The City Government of Balanga conducted Lakbay-Aral ’09.  Almost eight hundred (800) city employees were brought to this city for a study tour.  The objective of this activity was to develop camaraderie and harmonious relationships among city employees and gain some insight on Baguio's best practices in terms of governance. This was also a great bonding activity with my MIS team.

On the contrary, when my team is with me, it feels like I have so many boys in my life! hahaha

The relaxing guy behind my back is the Division Chief of MIS Network and Technical Division-Mr. Dennis Labang.

I was invited again here by the Association of Barangay Secretaries to conduct a two- (2-) day ICT Training and Capability Building Workshop for the twenty-five (25) barangay secretaries and chairmen. With me were my equally energetic and talented office staffs that patiently assisted and taught trainees the modern way of rendering public service through digital applications and social media.  

The future Zuckerberg of the City of Balanga! :-)

The woman who loves to eat street foods! One of the boys!:-)
My staff remar is first time to be in Baguio, so I told him that we will gave him a welcome tribute. So ..this is it! lol :-)

This time it was a personal trip with the whole family.  We rented two duplex houses complete with furniture and fixture. This is one of the most memorable and enjoyable trips I’ve ever had in Baguio City.  With us here were our balikbayan relatives from Germany. 

With city department heads during the awarding of National Literacy Award. We stayed at Hotel Mansion inside Camp John Hay. The city is lucky enough that we bagged the 1st place under component city category.  We also took this opportunity to have some time for relaxation. 

The early bird. My apology for my outfit. :-)
With my hardworking Promotion and Advocacy Division Chief-Mr. Venjo Baluyot a.k.a. Dennis Trillo :-)
Goofing around with City Department Heads, DepEd Officials, Barangay Captains and Vice-Mayor Noel Valdecanaz. Mayor Joet Garcia was not around here that time as he was also receiving the most prestigious award as Lingkod Bayan Awardee  given by national thru his Excellency President Noynoy Aquino in Malacanang, Palace. 


This year 2014, we once again reaped the fruits of our labor as we bagged 1st place “Best Implementer on Literacy Program, Component City Category” for the second time. This is another source of pride for the City Government of Balanga.  There is a truth in saying, “The fruit of your own hard work is sweetest!” With me here in this photos are my fellow department heads and our very energetic and workaholic Local Chief Executive Mayor Joet S. Garcia- the man who has time and again done the city proud. 

One of the most intelligent and hardworking Local Chief Executive that I've ever known and worked for the city of balanga together with his equally cute and trying hard, copy-cat photobomber! Its me the self-conceited one! hahaha :-) 


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