Sunday, July 27, 2014

White Rock Beach Hotel & Waterpark, Subic Zambales

It has been almost half of 2014 already, and yet I haven’t been able to write any article on my blog. This only shows how toxic and busy I have been compared to last year. So while on a beach vacation today, I have more free time to write and update my followers on all the relevant things that have happen in the past six months. Anyway, another year had unfolded. Words of praise to our Almighty Creator for all the blessings, pains, personal and professional struggles that have come into my life this 2014 as I go along my way in my new year of journey. Clinging to His words of promise is not an easy task. Let’s face it: sometimes disappointments lead us to frustration that really measures our faith. Even though how much you try to be a good person, still somebody will shake your foundation.  Somebody may have walked out of your life, which I believe is with a purpose; somebody might have done you wrong because they didn’t like you as person or a leader, or just plainly out of envy. I lift all of them up to Him and go on with my life believing that someday, God will give me the answer and those issues will be resolved. The Bible says, “The secret things belong to God”. I just want to be thankful for all the people who believed, who trusted and preferred to stay with me despite my practice of some personal and professional principles, which they didn’t approve of. I am starting to embrace the fact that there are things/situations that we can’t change and we have to accept them even if it’s hard. 

There are people whom I may never forget to be thankful for because somehow they have become part of who I am and where I am now. Their names will forever be etched in my heart. And I will forever be grateful that they have become part of my life.

I am just so lucky to celebrate my special day with my best friend-cousin and two nephews who are all based in Germany. Today, reminiscing our childhood throughout our five-day stay in WhiteRock Beach Resort in Subic Zambales makes me feel so blessed and rewarded.

In photo is my nephew Gabriel. I told him to brace himself as I was in a rock and roll mode during the ride! lol

On the night of my birthday, we decided to go out of the resort and went on a gig party inside Subic Freeport Zone in Pier 1 and transfer to The Palace Bar at Magsaysay Road looking for a different type of music genre and bar experience. 
On our fifth day of stay, the Jetski addict with my nephew Bryan Jay. 

I'm gonna missed this two handsome hunks! :-)

Surprise Birth day visit from a special friend close to my heart..

It gives us more reason to be more thankful as we both grow older. Her month-long vacation in the Philippines is not enough to catch-up on the lost ten (10) years that we had not been physically together, seeing or not talking to each other because of our busy schedules. Exchange of thoughts and life’s experiences became our guiding principle, to always see things in a different perspective. At the end of the day, we both believed that Life is really wonderful and worth living. 


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