Thursday, October 10, 2013

Personal Roadmap: The Palawan Experience

The trying hard Game Changer Model :-)
(Photo ops with the senior officers of various government agency, I am honored to have this souvenir photo with them)

(Souvenir Photo with Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) Planning Officer Mr. Carry Lontoc, Chairman: Dr. Jesus Estanislao-2nd to the Left, and ISA President, Mr. Francisco C. Eizmendi Jr, and City HRM Officer Ms. Cristina Apostol during PGS Boot Camp-Master Class at Hotel Centro, Palawan)

Vision:      A person who is willing to share of himself in whatever capacity he can and make  a difference to peoples life.

Mission:    1. To continuously inclined himself to glorify God and be of service to mankind.
                  2. To be financially able and open in helping people to improved their way of living .

Core Values:   Love of GOD
Since I was a young person, it’s been my hope to make a difference in somebody else’s life. I think most of us will agree that this is a noble vision. However, noble as it might be, it is not so easy to realize. For many of us, perhaps we equate “making a difference” only in terms of sharing material resources.

In college I finished Bachelor in Seconday Education. I had my masters degree in the same field. However, too late in life I realized that it was not what I wanted. I wanted to be able to “help” in more concrete terms. So, I shifted mindset and decided I wanted to be in business. Why business? It’s because only in business can one earn money fast. And what do I need money for? Because I want to be able to help family, relatives and friends in needs in anyway that I can. But business requires capital and I haven’t had much of that. And so, I haven’t had a great many opportunities to help because I am financially constrained. Like most of us, I have fallen into the trap of interpreting “making a difference” just in terms of being able to provide material things to other people without thought for anything else that one could probably share, too.

How I ended up in government service is a great mystery to me as it was not really a serious consideration in my younger years. I am now on my 16th year in public service. I hold a responsible position, which is both challenging and stressful. Still, there is this gnawing feeling inside of me that makes me doubt if I am in the right place, if I am doing what I should be doing. However, where I am now I am also capable of “making a difference.”

I make a difference in my staff whom I coach to improve their performance;
I make a difference in my superior who gets praises for the supports and contribution done by my department;
I make a difference in my relatives, friends and acquaintances who get benefited by information and access from the city government just because I work there;
I make a difference in my family who also share in whatever blessings I may obtain from my work.

Where I am now could well be the best place for me to be, for now, if by being where I am is used to give glory to our LORD GOD through sharing not only my material resources, but my knowledge, my time, my life’s purpose as well.

"We should never judge them by appearance, they have their own beauty and purpose on earth"

"Someday, I will be wearing a real kind of toque too!"


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