Monday, July 30, 2012

Thy Will Be Done

A very expensive birthday gift that I received from my nephew, Jonas.

My Precious Gem -  My Family. This was taken during  my mother's birthday celebration. Happy birthday to my loving Nanay..

When I woke up one particular morning several years ago, I told myself I should stop making deals with God. I prayed : “LORD, I lift-up my life to you. Take my hands and lead me wherever YOU want me to go. Thy will be done. Just give me clarity of mind & courage to carry out Thy Will.” In time things unfolded & everything fell into place.  I eventually landed where I got & get what I ever dreamed of. It was such a hard struggle since so much of me wanted to do what I wanted to do --- to realize MY own plans, to organize MY future, and to make MY decisions. But situations would arise to put me back to where I am now.

God shattered my plans and replaced them with something so much better! Too frequently, things have happened to me to teach me to align my plans for myself to His. Whatever plans I have for myself now, I always tell myself, "Thy Will Be Done"..

One of my happiest birthday celebrations was spent with my Team. I honestly appreciate all their efforts to make my day special. Thank you, guys, from the bottom of my heart.


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