Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Special

There’s no word that can perfectly describe or illustrate a woman who has prepared the best of everything for her child.  Being a full-time Mom is the greatest role that a woman can play to at least claim that she has lived up to the real essence of being a woman. Lucky are those women who are given opportunities to enjoy both motherhood and a great career at the same time. My mother plays a big role in my life as she has always guided me to become tough in my chosen field. I am what I am now because of her. She prefers to sleep beside me every night for fear that I might have sudden chest pains. She prepares my food and my clothes, even though I wanted to do it myself. She’s a very sensitive, but loving wife, so thankful for having a very patient father.  We both have the same hobby- cooking and gardening. She doesn’t have any diplomas to present because at certain times in her life as she was growing up, she had become the breadwinner of their family. During those times, almost all members of her family looked up to her for support. What makes her amazing is that despite the difficulties encountered, she was able to help my father to put us in school to earn our degree. A very simple and kind woman whose only desire is to serve her King and Princesses. Now it’s my turn to repay her for all the sacrifices she has gone through for us so that we can find our own place in the sun, guided by her principles. I owe everything to my Mom and I love her so much. Hope she gets to read this. Don't let the day end without making your Mom feel that this is her special day. Para sa mga Dakila at natatanging Ina…Happy Mother's Day!


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