Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Home for Dolphins.

It's been a month that I haven't posted any updates on my blog. Simply because i have tons of paper work and reports to submit, lots of meetings to attend to,  lots of things to coordinate and business matters to deal with. I can't believe my life is now more hectic than ever before. However, this dolphin wall-painting activity gives my nerves a break and gives me time to contemplate on the dolphins’ habitat and protection.

A 34-year-old artist and conservationist, A.G. SaƱo is one of the advocates who call for an end to the killing of this mammal, respect its right to live and give it protection.

He believes his advocacy to paint murals of dolphins across the country will make an impact in raising awareness about the “murder” of these intelligent marine mammals. 

Some 23,000 dolphins are killed for their meat by Taiji fishermen at one of the coves in Taiji’s National Park. Fishermen often regard dolphins and porpoises as “pests who overeat fishes” thus limiting the fish that fishermen catch.

Just remember that every living thing that exists in this world has its own place to live in and its own rights to be respected by everyone.


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