Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skin Care Tips

Being in the mid-30’s has prepared me to start thinking of many ways on how I can prevent my skin from ageing. Lucky enough that I am just a powder-lipstick type of girl and not into wearing heavy make-ups. Allow me to share with you my golden rules.

1.Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize. This is a habit that I never fail to keep in mind even when I was sedated during my hospital confinement. This is one of the best routinary bedtime facial regimens I religiously follow to keep my skin fair, smooth and acne-free.

2.SPF Creams. Enjoying the scourging heat of the sun without wearing sun blocks or any creams that will protect you from it hazardous effect will eventually bring damage when wrinkles, brown spot and sagging of skin start to appear. Wear sunblock SPF-15 up to 30 at most , if you can’t avoid to stay under the heat of the sun.

3.Lip Balm. This is one of the cosmetics that I will never leave home without one in my purse. I can leave without lipstick on but not the benefit that lip balm can give to my choppy lips.

4. Press Powder. I find morena complexion more attractive than white complexion. That makes me stop dreaming about having white complexion after putting lots of cream whiteners and it still ends nowhere. I now realize how lucky I am to have this complexion. Find face powder or foundation that will enhance your skin tone. Morena skin should attract the same respect as its counter ego.

5. Vitamin C, E and H₂O. Regularly take 500mg of ascorbic acid not only for the benefit of your skin but to boost your immune system. Drink lots of water and try to exceed the 8x8 rule.

6. Body Oil or Lotion. In order to avoid flaky and over dry skin, after taking a bath lather some amount of body oil or lotion while the skin is damp to better absorb its moisture.


7. Physical Exercise. Improve your skin with exercise. It can help you to improve the condition of your skin. You can have a glowing and radiant skin.

8. Fruits and Vegetables. Eat lots of leafy vegetables as possible as you can. I’m a meat type of girl and only prefer to eat vegetables when available. But as we age and have a busy life, we can benefit from food that's nutritious, yet easy to eat on-the-go, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of vitamins that are needed by our immune system.

9. Enough Sleep. Getting enough sleep is just as perfect natural skin care as any product out there could be. When your body is relaxed and gets enough sleep, you can function normally. Remember when there is something wrong with your body it shows on your skin. And that’s the reason why getting enough sleep is also a way of Skin Care for you! Again, this is a very natural way of taking care of your beautiful skin.

10. Positive Attitude. Having a positive outlook in life adds more glow to your physical appearance. Always think happy thoughts. Enjoy Life.


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