Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween experience of a single soul.

It took me an hour roving around the public cemetery before i finally found the tomb of Mariano Malibiran. When we were young he stands as our "yaya" who significantly shows his love and cares for us without asking even a single centavo. He does all the sacrifices as if we are his unborn children. When he reach the peak of his life and started to get sick, my brother whom his favorite and closer to him does the sacrifice of feeding and taking him into a bath most of the times as he can no longer do it himself alone.

He passed away unaided in his room without anyone to rub his weakened body. Even in time of death he died single and alone. His immediate family looks for him with less care and supervision. There reason is they have other concern to attend too. This is my first time to visit his tomb and offer the usual wreath laying and candle lightning; I voluntarily do this task, i am single and have free time to do so. Seeing his place in dismay melt my heart and offer a short prayer for his soul.

I told myself, when the death clock approach and cross the same path; i make sure to prepare my internment plan and most importantly my spiritual soul. We are all sinners in this world, i need to prepare myself for the second journey of my life. By then, i will surely get back and hope to get it right for the second time.


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