Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Work And Life Balance

Did You Take A Breather Today?

If there were a trial court of justice that hears people’s life’s’ practices and which would somehow ask me if I was able to apply these best practices in my life, I would plead “guilty”. 

Just last week, I wasn’t spared by the strong onslaught of the influenza virus. This despite of my flu immunization vaccine. The spread of strong influenza triggered an asthma attack. It’s a fact that eating healthy foods is not enough to maintain a healthy immune system. When time permits, I prepared my own packed of food for lunch and dinner at home. This should be balanced with physical and mental relaxation. I have no time for YOGA exercise. I’m a very stubborn person when it comes to medication. That’s why the moment I stepped into the clinic of my pulmonary physician, she asked right away what treatment I would prefer --- a weeklong rest at home, or hospital confinement? It meant my physical condition that time would no longer be improved by my self-medication practice. So, I had no choice but to take a weeklong sick leave from work. 

Lesson learned: Work Hard but Work Smart. Listen to your body so you know when to stop. Ok, I actually know all these lessons, I just ignored them. I’m trying to slow down and take everything in moderation. However, just like the revolutionary face of technology, which is the main mission of my department, as a leader it taught me to think and mobilize my people with precision. My month of August was full of appointments that I only had five days of stay in my office to oversee the work and monitor the deadlines of my staff. It even came to a point that I had to cancel sets of scheduled meetings due to conflicts.

That’s why I grabbed the opportunity to take some time off with my college mates. They also craved to breathe some fresh air, given the chance, due to their weeklong and exhausting teaching workload. This was also our way to lift and boost the spirit of one of our OFW male classmates who suffered a leg amputation because of untreated diabetes. We wanted him to see the beauty of life despite his present circumstances.  

Lesson Learned: Life is Short. Spend It with People Who Make You Laugh and Feel Loved. When we hit the final leg of our journey, one thing is sure: we cannot bring the possessions we have in this world to our tomb. We’re just merely passing by. That is why we should always try to pause and create memories with loved ones and friends. 

My phone has been a black hole of pictures and memories. I need more space, too, so I dump all of them in my blog.


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