Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Imagination Is Your Limit

"Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge". Albert Einstein

The City Government of Balanga recently conducted a Performance Governance System local revalida to validate the performance output of city employees in the implementation of all initiatives under the City’s roadmap. 

Under the management tool for good governance called Performance Governance System (PGS), a city forms project teams called vision-aligned circles that will work to achieve a preset vision. The VACs are required to present their projects, also called “initiatives”, in an annual Revalida for review and enhancement.

This year’s Revalida was themed “Cheers to the Crazy Ones!” Eight VACs were formed by city government employees, each with a thrust connected to the city’s vision of becoming a University Town by 2020.

Through the City Government of Balanga under the brilliant mind and leadership of Mayor Joet S. Garcia spearheaded by the Management Information Services Office (MISO), introduces one of the breakthrough project COBiH or the City of Balanga Information Hub under WWW.COB initiative, where electronic displays (kiosks) with Internet connection will be installed in places where the students and the public frequently gather.

The first of its kind in the country, COBIH allows users to reach the City Hall’s contact center to talk with online helpdesk representatives about City Government services. COBiH also features fast facts about Balanga City’s heritage and culture.

From Left to Right: (Panelist) Bataan Heroes Memorial College Dean of CICT, Mr. Arnold Vergara, TESDA Provincial Director Ms. Grace Castillo, BPSU Instructor, incoming Balanga City Mayor Francis Garcia and Bataan Peninsula State University Dean of Graduate School-Danilo Galicia Ph.D who happens to be my thesis adviser and mentor during my post graduate study.

We're trying to entertain ourselves here to break the anxiety in anticipation to mind-blowing questions from the panelist right after my staff COBiH initiative presentation 
The presentation of the initiative is done and as Initiative Head, I have to start soliciting questions here from the panelist for them to better understand the concept of the project.

The question and answer portion between the panelist and my team is getting intense but we learned from their recommendation to better improve our project.
However, as long as you know the over-all details and concept of the project and you're hands on in the implementation of such, all possible questions can be easily explain and presented to the panelist.

I'm such a great pretender here. Pretending that I know everything! lol

COBiH primarily serves the education and the business sector. Facts about the city’s colleges and universities will be uploaded to the kiosks. Students will find COBiH’s educational games interesting. The business sector will benefit from this project through advertisements that will be flashed on the interactive screens.

The City of Balanga is vying for institutionalization in the standards of Performance Governance System (PGS), a management tool for good governance. A third party auditing will be done in May this year for the said institutionalization of Balanga City.

COBiH VAC Initiative-Panelist Scoring Result base on 70% total score.

My Team receives a certificate of recognition for garnering the highest score from the panelist. 

Photos below are some of the activities that my team/department have been done in preparation for the implementation of COBiH initiative. 

COBiH in-house software system patching and installation before moving out to designated  place outside city hall for easy access of end-user. In photo is MIS System Division Chief Ms. Jen Suerte Felipe and computer programmer Mr Levi Ron Garcia together with our City Mayor Joet S. Garcia.

Preparation of hardware and network set-up for Internet connectivity. Despite a lot of pressure to meet deadline, I was so pleased to see happy faces of my staff working beyond office hour. In photo is my jolly Network Administrator Adrian Grospe and COBiH software developer Mr. RJ Zabala.
Photos taken during WIFI bandwidth strength testing, students walking along pocket park take the chance to have online dialogue with the City Mayor who's out of the country that time attending for an official business trip. The students take the chance of asking the City Mayor on the process and requirements of availing scholarship grants.  


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