Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Trees of Life

Giving hope by means of tree planting is a guarantee of good life and clean air for the next generation. Caring for our environment is another way of giving extended life, especially to people suffering from health diseases like asthma, bronchial pneumonia, cancer of the lungs, etc. Being asthmatic, I am now more concerned about protecting our environment, especially from air pollutants. That’s why I am appealing to our agriculture sector to think of ways on how they can properly dispose of rice husk and straw aside from the traditional way of burning and turning them into dust. They must think of other alternative ways or other potential on how they could be converted into fertilizer, ethanol, or into other useful things. Burning them will pose many hazards on our environment particularly on the air we breathe. We need to adopt modern technology, but without sacrificing our environment. Toxins from the air we breathe today affect our health and may have hazardous effects.

The activity is initiated by the National Greening Program (NGP) supported by the City Government. It is embodied in Executive Order No. 26. Signed on February 24, 2011, it is a priority endeavor to bring back the lost forest cover of the country. There are about eight million hectares of denuded forest nationwide. The goal is to plant billions of trees. By planting trees, the government hopes to mitigate the effects of climate change, protect biodiversity, stop erosion, restore watersheds, and ensure food security. Denuded land will become productive and provide additional income for rural families.


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